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Massive Tuesday Updates

Feeling achy? Sore throat? Bleeding bum? Oops, then you must have Ebola! Here is a quick update and survival guide before we get down to some serious business of a big spanking update today!

Okay… before the Ebola virus takes us all in Europe… I reckon it will only be a matter of time before the 1st case of someone is reported in the UK. So I had better get this massive spanking update out for you all… however, before I do that, here are some top tips to AVOID Ebola… and also, as it is a virus that is ONLY transmitted by fluids, it isn’t airborne. This is important: Nor is it likely to mutate, fortunately… as if there was no known cure (currently) we would be looking at BILLIONS of people dying from this if the present mortality rates of approx 70% held up. It has been known to be up to 90% which makes it the deadliest and most frightening threat to mankind if it was ever to become airborne without a known cure making the Plagues and Black Death of 6-700 years ago look tame in comparison!


testing_a_bat_for_ebola_virusGood old West Africa… why do these idiots have to play with fruitbats? *sigh*

Most importantly: Do not believe the crap in the Daily Mail (and probably Fox in America) or other newspapers/news sources with their scare mongering, this virus is not likely to mutate, fortunately. Ebola is similar to the AIDS and Hepatitus viruses, these are only transmitted via bodily fluids. Unfortunately that means any sweat, tears, saliva, blood, urine and such as well as the obvious one like having unprotected sex will put you at severe risk with anyone infected and it has a long incubation (up to 21 days!!!). I’m not sure if that means that bumping into someone sweating and getting it on your skin would mean that the virus would permeate through… I think it does… as that poor nurse in Spain right now had protection but not the full bio level 4 protection she should have had dealing with Ebola victims. Air travel remains the biggest threat right now… so my advice is if you have to travel… do not brush against anyone and avoid sweaty, tearful people who spit a lot (ahem! sounds like me, lol) & you would NOT have unprotected sex or share a drink with these strangers… so I reckon you should be okay (for now!)
You can bet every Western, Asian, Chinese and Russian laboratories are working flat out to find a solution to this in the unlikely event if it was to ever become airborne or continue to spread. In that case, “The Apocalypse” could turn up in the form of a terrible virus after all…  *anyone read Stephen King’s (very long) end of the world novel, “The Stand”? It could become something like that!

Right, feeling happy and secure? I thought so… Let’s get on with the business of some outstanding spanking updates I have seen this past week! Staring with  Spanked in Uniform – 2 featured updates with Monique & Amelia Jane Rutherford in separate uniform niches.

The Tawse for Monique – (SIU Badminton Club)


ep8_2 ep8_6

ep8_9 ep8_10

ep8_11 ep8_12


After each practice one girl is assigned to clean up. She has to make sure all the rackets, shuttles and clothing are put away properly. This time it was Monique’s turn and she thought that chatting on her phone was far more important. When Coach found a few rackets in his office, little lazy Monique was soon bending over the chair, feeling the sting of his two tailed tawse!


Amelia Jane Rutherford “Close the Curtains” – (Sexy Maid Agency)


ep10_3 ep10_5

ep10_6 ep10_7

ep10_8 ep10_9


One of the Agency’s sexiest and popular maids was sent to Mr & Mrs Brown. As usual, Amelia did her best but there was one slight problem. When Amelia did her striptease and sexy dance, she forgot to close the curtains and the neighbours called the police. No charges were filed but for that reckless behaviour agency owner, Mike, had to punish Amelia. He used the carpetbeater as she loved hand spanking too much and it was a punishment after all! #hawt!



At Mike’s original site Real Life Spankings – there’s a nice uniform update that members can get there currently… the site normally concerns itself with more domestic and first timers getting spanked… but this makes a nice change and there’s a great photoset that accompanies the full HD film too! In this recent update, it features naughty Monique who I had just covered at their sister site (above):


report_card_day_P1010303 report_card_day_P1010306

report_card_day_P1010307 report_card_day_P1010310

report_card_day_P1010311 report_card_day_P1010314


Monique asked Mike if they could do another Daddy/Naughty Daughter fantasy and if he would use the belt because that was the implement her father used years ago. She also asked him if she could wear the Spanked In Uniform “St. Catherine’s” school uniform. Mike agreed and she got a damned good “schpaaanking” in Part 1 – Monique was scolded and soundly spanked for bringing home a bad report card. She was told no mobile, internet, TV etc. for two weeks! part 2 contains the belting scenes which members can now download IN FULL!





If there are spankings involved then Amelia Jane Rutherford is never far away… case in point… this latest F/F punishment film alongside a lovely new girl called Jess as 2 bad Au Pairs is a real visual treat – courtesy of English Spankers

Check out the FREE HD movie preview – & the images/plot behind this latest spanking film!
“A Pair of Au Pairs”

Can’t view the above freeview? CLICK HERE to download the free clip

Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess’s bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.

npp6086002 npp6086014

npp6086015 npp6086018

npp6086022 npp6086026

npp6086028 npp6086036

npp6086038 npp6086045

npp6086051 npp6086053

Check out more free view movie clips and the latest hot spanking updates


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s Amber Pixie Wells getting her bare bottom spanked! Take a look at the recent film update, it’s really rather good! let’s check out “Sensational girl”

sen2 sen4

sen5 sen7 sen8

sen9 sen10

sen11 sen12

In tonight’s episode of Sensational girl, along with her good friend Danger Girl, made a major mistake and broke into the home and arrested a federal judge mistakenly believing him to be a drug kingpin. It turned out that the kingpin lived next door. The judge was in a forgiving mood and noted that he would not press charges so long as these young super heroines were given a sound spanking. When Danger Girl was to be spanked and was being approached by inspector Pierson she noted “Men have no power over me.” The inspector responded “We do have women.” All Danger Girl could say was “rats!” Detective Veronica gave the bratty super heroine a spanking that started over the outside of her skirt, then her panties, and then, much to Danger Girl’s humiliation, her bare bottom. Then it was Sensational Girl’s turn to be punished. She was taken over the lap of Inspector Pierson. Ordinarily, Sensational Girl is invulnerable but she loses her powers whenever she feels guilty, and at that moment she was feeling very guilty. Soon she was crying out in pain as her bare bottom was spanked. Soon the two misguided crime fighters were made to serve corner time before being permitted to go home and face their most fearsome foes — their angry mothers.


Access STILL from $17 for a month! (Are they mad?)


My favourite “Fonda” website has an interesting update featuring gorgeous Christy Cutie, I think this is her first appearance at this site. I’d say she was far too cute to be involved in such shenannigans…  especially opposite the very naughty Veronica Ricci, but I have met her and can say she isn’t as innocent as she makes out! Fortunate, really, for a website about naughty spanking hooker babes!

“Elvira Spanking” is a 2 part movie, which members can now see!

001 003

004 006

008 011

013 016

Veronica Ricci (Elvira) had told Christy Cutie that she must dress “evil” for the callgirl party. But Christy, as usual, dressed “cute.” So Veronica must teach her a lesson with a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. But Christy blackmails Veronica and ends up spanking Elvira’s curvy bottom as well.

001 003

005 006

010 011

013 014

This site makes up the top value Clare Fonda Pass – up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost


Remember I mentioned Amelia being out at several sites earlier? Well, here’s another new series opposite one of her long suffering tops, Earl Grey, starts today at Firm Hand Spanking – Flight Attendant Amelia Jane Rutherford is spanked at a witness protection Safe House.

safehouse_a001 safehouse_a003

safehouse_a007 safehouse_a009

safehouse_a012 safehouse_a013

safehouse_a018 safehouse_a020

safehouse_a022 safehouse_a024

Check out the FREE Clip below taken from the new series:

Statuesque flight attendant Amelia Rutherford exposes a drugs rings run by pilots in her all-new series. But she can’t handle being stuck in a Safe House with protection officer Earl Grey. Her brattiness gets out of control, so he spanks her hard over 250 times: yay!



Finally today, from a site I always have a lot of time for… a couple of recent updates you shouldn’t miss. These were taken from the last big film shoot in the UK which I had a hand in helping Northern Spanking get Amber West & Rosie Ann spanked by the amazing Jessica Wood.

A Horrible Sister - Jessica just will not get out of the bathroom and let poor Amber get ready for school, with inevitable and rather damp results to Amber’s knickers! And then the poor girl gets her bottom smacked for it as well. It’s not going to be a good day for Amber!

ahorriblesister001 ahorriblesister007

ahorriblesister009 ahorriblesister014

ahorriblesister021 ahorriblesister023

ahorriblesister027 ahorriblesister034


Introducing Rosie Ann - A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosy Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ038 NSI128-CJ039

NSI128-CJ040 NSI128-CJ043 NSI128-CJ049





Hope you enjoyed these updates and don’t take my Ebola doom-mongering too seriously 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Wheelbarrow film at my own site tomorrow with the incredible Adriana Evans… I love working with this girl and am glad to say she is now a friend too! Check out the image from the film 🙂



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