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Friday’s Spanking Round up

I have some old and some new spanking updates for you all today as we head into yet another weekend!

Here is something different and I know I never reported on this in the past so to many of you, this will appear new… but is typical of the fantastic archives that makes up this wonderful site so please check out the very first time that Caroline Grey appeared at NorthernSpanking.com (below)

NSI090-CS011 NSI090-CS023 NSI090-CS037 NSI090-CS094 NSI090-CS096 NSI090-CS104 NSI090-CS105 NSI090-CS115 NSI090-CS119 NSI090-CS140 NSI090-CS146 NSI090-CS151

Personal Assistant to the great Stephen Lewis was never going to be an easy position to maintain but Caroline was never quite prepared for that position to be up-ended, over his lap having her bottom smacked. Or worse, finding out exactly what that shiny wooden paddle was really for. It seems the conference in Japan was perfectly organised but she paid a heavy price for half a spoon too much sugar in his tea, careless girl!




& to something new – this time from Real Life Spankings showing this young lady in a debut online spanking – she is called Sabrina.

Sabrina gets her first spankingReal Life Spankings

sabrina_first_SAM_1116 sabrina_first_SAM_1119 sabrina_first_SAM_1121 sabrina_first_SAM_1124 sabrina14 sabrina15 sabrina16 sabrina18 sabrina19 sabrina20  sabrina_first_SAM_1123

A Model Agency contacted Mike and they had a lovely, sexy 22 year old English model called Sabrina. He met her and Sabrina loved the RLS principle and she needed spanking discipline. She was a natural submissive. Now as she will be coming over frequently, Mike decided to add her to hisr team instead of making her a guest.



Stunning Kylee Anders is the very latest update to appear at Firmhandspanking.com and this film does not disappoint! Check out the images and the link to the FREE Clip (below)

Kylee Anders reports to her school Principal for her very first, burning paddling.

principal_ac001 principal_ac005 principal_ac008 principal_ac009 principal_ac014 principal_ac017 principal_ac018 principal_ac020 principal_ac023 principal_ac024

Setting off the school fire alarm as a senior prank sends Kylee Anders to The Principal’s Office. Told to bend over and hold her ankles, denim jeans stretch tight over her jutting bottom. Kylee grits her teeth for 12 burning swats from Principal Stockton. Check out all the action with awesome Reaction Cam replays and behind the scenes extras! Ouch.



Finally today… something very different but bear with me… as this is the first full film part of a new series showing at Spankingsarah.com starring Lola Marie in a hard core role… before we all know in the next film which will be coming up, that she is going to pay for what she did – it’s a sex and spanking series and the hard core action is featured: (below)


Lola earns money in a new episode of the “Return to the Manor” series

npp7220014 npp7220015 npp7220024 npp7220030 npp7220035 npp7220037 npp7220040 npp7220043

Lola has been hired as a maid to serve him and Lady Stern. She is fresh from prison and comes recommended by Lady Suzanne. BUT! She is soon back at her old game, prostitution and she has a customer this very day. She is soon hard at it sucking his cock, getting her bottom spanked and then fucking him till completion. This will have to mean trouble at the house and trouble for Lady Suzanne.



See April May “Strapped for cash” – at Redstripe Films

npp7203003 spanking npp7203010 npp7203013 npp7203017 npp7203018 npp7203021 npp7203022 npp7203023 npp7203024 npp7203026 npp7203027

April May need a lot of money and she needs it now, she has no one else to turn to but the Strapped For Cash loan company. After a discussion with Mr. Stern she soon understands about the “strapped” bit of the deal and finds herself over his knee being paddled on her black panty hose and then to her dismay on her bare bottom. She has to endure an extra hard thrashing because of the amount of money she needs. Let’s hope she can afford to repay.


Trouser Arousal Spankings

A Fine selection of what gives me some guaranteed Trouser “bumpage” today… whether it’s just sexy girly spankings, uniform fetish role plays or far more strict punishments, this has been what I have been enjoying this past week that I haven’t written about! I hope you ladies and gents like this too – please feel free to perv away and check out the sites I have graciously mentioned as they will be offering more preview content and hopefully there is something you like that will tempt you to become a member of these fine sites!

I’m starting with a beautiful girl by the name of Victoria getting one of the trademark pussy strapping punishments that I like to watch on Spanking Server – there are more films of this beauty on the site and she is stunning, as you will see from the selection of images, the first from the pussy strapping film, that i took… and the rest showcases who she is! #HAWT!



Victoria (yesterday) – as featured at Spanking Server

Victoria07 Victoria08

More images of stunning Victoria (the day before yesterday)… or was that the day before?
Her pert red bottom is distracting me!


Victoria is tethered to the pussy strapping bench… and her private parts given a painful leathering!

victoria002 victoria004 victoria007 victoria009 victoria011 victoria014 victoria016 victoria017 victoria019 victoria027 victoria029 victoria032

If you want to see more punishments of this beautiful girl – check out Spanking Server HERE



Cheergirls and cheer uniforms are one of my core fetish kinks… the thought of punishing girls in these uniforms does it for me every single time… it is a strong sub niche of school uniforms, it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but the brightly coloured uniforms, the short skirts and the fact that the girls in high school were always in the top 5 percentile of most lusted over objects of desire by immature young guys like myself (ah memories) adds to my thrill of spanking naughty cheer girls nowadays… the ones who act particularly bratty always receive special attention from me 🙂 – oops, I digress! EE9 this year at Girl Spanks Girl fulfilled a major fetish of mine… multi cheergirl spankings… check out the finale to the series this year when Christy Cutie gets a thrilling OTK thrashing from coach Miss Mercy in front of the other cheer girl try outs! “Yay!” #CUTENESSOVERLOAD

ee29gl ee29hl ee30al ee30dl ee30hl ee31al ee31bl ee31cl ee32al ee32bl ee32dl ee32el

It’s summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach – and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn’t want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders. Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes. But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane. The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy.


See this latest film and download the other 8 full films from the annual Exclusive Education series HERE

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass – giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!



academy_h002 academy_h005 academy_h007 academy_h012 academy_h014 academy_h006 academy_h017 academy_h019 academy_h020 academy_h021

Theft is a serious offence, especially at Reform Academy. Principal Eric Strickman orders pert-bottomed Jodi Biltmore to bend over a chair to be paddled – hard! Six swats on her tight denim shorts, six on her quivering bare buttocks are a memorable lesson.


As I was writing this today, the very latest update came out from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a new girl, she is incredible, just what I love about that “girl next door” type… it’s also got Jonny Stockton topping her (I think he is one of the best new male tops around) and makes a perfect partnership with Stacy, his screen wife… she gets mentioned so I am rather excited to see them both punish this beautiful ditzy Au Pair in a brand new series at some point! The plot and build up to her spanking is incredibly believable and plausible too… all I can say is “wow!” – bravo Firm Hand… this is going to be a cracking new series which you can see the 1st film right now (images below)

au_pair002 au_pair003 au_pair005 au_pair008 au_pair012 au_pair013 au_pair016 au_pair018 au_pair019 au_pair023

Welcome to bratty Kylee Anders, a college athlete with a gym-toned, pert figure to die for! She’s over Mr Stockton’s knee for her first-ever spanking, track shorts pulled down to bare those bouncing, smooth cheeks for 200 smacks. Check her reactions in Au Pair!

View the FULL film HERE


Age play and regression therapy are featured next in a new hit film from Northern Spanking with 2 established names in the UK scene… in this film, we join Caroline Grey who ends up over the knee of therapist Stephen Lewis. I have to say it’s one of the darkest and edgiest films I have seen this year by far… if I was voting for a long play film of the year… I’d have to think about this one it’s that good! It won’t be to everyone’s tastes as it explores issues of non consent to a degree (that’s the way I looked at it) so for that reason it’s dark as the therapist regresses her to a time of her childhood and spanks her for being a naughty girl then brings her back to the present and she forgets it ever happened (as he is a hypnotherapist). However, it is part of her treatment but for who’s benefit? Hmmm, I have to say this was acted out brilliantly… check out some images of the regression punishment below (where he had also made her dress up in this outfit!) However, she always comes away feeling uplifted in her spirit and with a curiously glowing bottom.

NSI113-SC005 NSI113-SC007 NSI113-SC023 NSI113-SC028 NSI113-SC030 NSI113-SC031 NSI113-SC033 NSI113-SC035 NSI113-SC037 NSI113-SC038 NSI113-SC057 NSI113-SC058

Check out this full film & plenty more with both Caroline & Stephen in at Northern spanking


Sarah Gregory has a fantastic film out now, in fact this was one of my fave films we made together in LA with Casey Calvert. It, too, required a little more thought in setting up… Casey played a daughter who sneaks out of her bedroom to go partying after I (as Daddy), am going out. She’s a big girl, but you wouldn’t expect her to go to such elborate methods of deception as pretending to be sleeping in bed (rolling up pillows under the duvet and placing a wig for her hair to fool me later when I came home to check on my darling girl…


That is how the film goes so you can imagine when I discover the deception, I am waiting… and waiting for her to come home and she does at some godforsaken time, she didn’t expect me to be glaring at her as she tip toed to her room! Oops! What follows is a no nonsense scolding and OTK hand spanking. Yes, this is a darned good film too! Check out some images below which are both a mix of screen grabs and full size images stills.

0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-005 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-006 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-007 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-008 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-017 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-0330183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-025 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-012 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-019 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-020 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-021 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-023

You can see the results of this excellent film HERE


& as I am in a frisky mood today… why not check out this hilarious strip tease “Hanky Panky” magic show from Ursula Martinez… it’s got a great ending (no spanking, but fun and full frontal nudity does happen, titter)

& tonight is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall… let’s hope that there is not a return to the Cold War with Russia, though that is looking less likely (thank you Mr Putin) – but tonight, we celebrate real freedom and democracy, I remember this momentous event unfolding with a German national and she was in tears, I will never forget that evening!


Some More Brit site Updates!

Hmmm, I have to be quick… guess what, I’m feeling nauseous again, I can’t believe it… WTF is doing the rounds in this cold damp grey depressing country at the moment? In my main job… I’m stuck in an industry that is naturally far more busy this time of year and am not happy that I’m being pressured at work to do more for less with the odd threats of redundancies and such being often spouted around to some of my fellow employees, it’s a crappy time of year for me. I don’t respond well to threats… so we will see what happens.

& on a lighter note, my promised quick update to keep you good folk amused before I take a good hard lingering look at some of the awesome stuff my American buddies have been up to recently! I’m hoping to place one early teaser update up on another bl0g tonight and will let you know if that succeeds and I find time.

First to Northern Spanking and the influence of Lucy Maclean is obvious in these image sets from some movies… just look at the beautiful costumes and underwear… stunning as always! & what better way to start than the conclusion of Caroline Grey & Stephen Lewis’ “Vintage Affair” film where they end a date in a rather hot and naughty fashion…




Stephen also gets to spank Mila Kohl in her first full film appearance for Northern on their last trip to the SL party in Vegas… what can I say? She’s absolutely lovely… as you can see from the images below! Note again the fantastic uniform chosen by Paul or Lucy and the storyline behind the film “The Travelling Disciplinarian” is taken from the fact that the parents and school of Mila have booked the services of the  “Travelling Disciplinarian Agency” to try and remedy her appalling behaviour before its too late.





& finally… another new girl at Northern although she has been around a few of the UK sites and, I have to admit, I tried to contact her for my very first shoot way back in Sept 2010… I did get a reply off her a few months ago to that request (LOL) so no doubt you’ll be seeing much more of “crazee” Masie Dee… but for now, check out her debut with a fortunate and rather smug David de Wolfe as he grapples with her panties in this opening teaser!




Check out MORE unseen spanking updates now from NorthernSpanking.com


My second feature this evening comes from Pandora’s DreamsofSpanking.com and it’s a great showertime punishment film with Ten Amorette who paid some of us UK producers a little visit (remember I couldn’t film with her as I was with Amelia and Molly so just couldn’t fit her in but I promised we WILL meet up at some point next year which I can’t wait for… she also paid a visit to Sarah of SpankingSarah.com so we shall look  forward to their films in the new year… now I know some of our American chums think we never wash (that’s the French, by the way) – yikes, only kidding my Gallic friends, please allow us “Rosbeef” to have our fun every now and then at your expense before you go burning more of our sheep or blockading ports or going on strike over wondering who will pay for your ludicrously bloated Public Sector… But I do digress and apologize!

As I was saying, Americans think the rest of the world loathe taking showers or scrupilously wash like a dozen times a day or something insane… well, I am one that loves taking showers, and often… looks like Pandora did too with Ten when she sorts out this “Filthy Girl!”

Ten’s bottom gets a very hard and severe stinging leather strapping in the shower across her wet panties and of course with them pulled down and across her slippery soapy body. There’s more, Pandora gets rather frisky with Ten… as she showed signs of continuing to be that slutty “Filthy Girl” – WARNING: The below images and trailer clip you can see are rather naughty!






If you liked these movie images then check out the special free trailer clip below that shows you some of what will happen and leave you panting for more! If you liked the trailer, please do go check out Pandora’s site HERE and you can read up about this film in more detail, the behind the scenes perspective and of course check out the other recent additions which may grab your fancy! You could do an awful lot worse, trust me!


I will be back soon… unfortunately my American update I had promised earlier in this post has had to be delayed because (guess what) my internet connection played up during the writing of this post! *sigh* Sorry… and it was a real good one too… guess you’ll all have to come back tomorrow and find out where I have updated it to 🙂

Good night all!

Some Industry Updates

It is rapidly turning colder and greyer here in the UK, the leaves are really starting to fall off the trees and winter is fast approaching! I’m not a big fan of early dark evenings, the dark mornings, it is so depressing to get up at 7, come home by 6 or 7 and have to drive in complete darkness both ways… ugh! The general gloom and grey that persists with our rubbish winter weather is monotonous and it wears me down. Make no mistake, the last few years has seen our country get wetter and wetter, especially the summers and autumns… add to that the apparently colder winters to look forward to, it appears all we ever have to look forward to is Spring which promises so much then summer kicks in… All this “hoo-haa” about Global warming seems a world away, even though I know our climate IS changing. But enough of my depression over the rubbish that is outside beyond my control… let me fill you in on some essential site updates you can see today. These, I hope,  should cheer you all up, like they did for me.

Some essential viewing courtesy of Northern Spanking

“A Vintage Affair” – this film has the over-riding influence of Lucy Maclean’s love of 50’s style dresses which look so fantastic as modelled by Caroline Grey… check out what she and Stephen Lewis get up to after a night out on the tiles!





See more of Caroline’s vintage style spanking HERE

There is also a great new film out now with Zoe Montana teaching the very lovely Molly Malone a lesson, I love that school uniform, another vintage classic! Hope you like the teaser images and of course, Molly’s bare bottom WILL be dealt with! as members can now see!




Check out Molly’s punishment at the hands of Zoe Montana HERE


2 fantastic recent updates at FirmHandSpanking caught my eye, and I know they will capture yours too, the first features leggy blonde, Adrienne Black… she gets the final caning humiliation in her excellent series “Catwalk Attitude” with the ever dutiful and zealous Eric Strickman… and I hope some of these images below you have not seen before, she’s GORGEOUS!





Check out all of Adrienne’s latest films right here!

& one of the latest updates from new girl Jennifer Torrance is now out to download in full and this continuing series from Mr Firm Hand himself (Richard Anderson) as Jennifer is punished in front of her sorority housemate, Tanya Carter. Jennifer’s perfect bubble-butt takes a tough licking when she’s accused of playing music too loudly in the sorority house. See Richard enjoy giving 8 with his belt on her panties and 21 bare, before switching to a tawse for another bare 12 in the continuing College Girl Discipline” series.





See Jennifer’s gorgeous bubble butt thrashed in a free preview HERE


Sorry, I was going to post a more in depth review but “Er Indoors” has returned from visiting the grandkids on her very short vacation and I once again have a nightmare connection issue meaning I couldn’t update the blog or my sites earlier today before she got back… this frustration is beginning to get to me! So apologies if I leave you short, I will get back to some more regular updates and news of what is out and new at my own site tomorrow! ‘Til then… be good. Chief.

See what is coming out later this week at AAA Spanking! 🙂


I promise you won’t want to miss Uncle Dave’s debut at AAAspanking.com later this week!
& of course those naughty nieces are Jenna & Aleesha… tsk tsk!

Paddled Patooties & other much needed severity

I have been rather busy doing a lot of gazing and watching a whole load of stuff on my various LCD screens recently, not just the unfolding Olympics… but a massive catch up of spanking and fetish movies that I have wanted to endorse or share with you here… so as I see Team GB take yet another Gold medal (to much sighs of relief that our athletes are finally starting to get the recognition their hard work deserves in front of the home crowds) here are a whole bunch of deserving brats and madams that I am sure you will just LOVE to see punished…

& from the above image, today’s 1st update is “Paddled Patooties” from the ever excellent Bun Beating Fun as Greg gives us a very watchable paddling compilation of 3 very deserving brats (2 models and a stripper) getting what he feels they need as the infamous cry of “Baaaad Girl!” can be heard in a seedy NJ motel yet again! Check out the 3 girls featured in this film and there is also a killer intro clip you can see at the bottom of this section…



The first model is a snooty airhead, with a penchant for wild hair colouring and some fetish tatts and piercings these kids think is “all the rage” – unfortunately for Morgana… our hero has seen this crazy shit before and knows EXACTLY what to do!



The second brat is called Flame Fontaine, she’s a stripper that easily separates drunks from their money and has no morals and a fascinating set of jiggly hooters as well as a fantastic butt that takes the yardstick! (I of course LOVE the fact she’s a red head too!)



& finally we have Kandy… she admits that she is a homewrecker, so ladies, for those who have seen their useless fellas leave for some no good “floozy”, I am sure you will enjoy seeing this little tramp scream as her ass gets an almighty paddling as she kicks out naked and humiliated across Greg’s lap!

Don’t take my word for it, check out the preview clip below:

 See the FULL Film of these girls HERE


 I am also spoiling members of my own site as this week there is a stunning brand new introduction of Aleesha Fox, getting found out by Miss Page (aka Crazy Carpetbeater Lady) and you will find a full 70 image set inside in higher resolution than the few sample images I have here for you! I have to say, Aleesha and Zoe together look the part, don’t they? Oh, and it’s OUTDOORS! Yes, I got some fresh air filming this time 🙂




There is a great bonus this week as the latest film coming out tomorrow, is a unique wake up caning film of Danielle Hunt! This was filmed nearly a year ago and of course Dani has been rather busy this year getting her ass whacked just about everywhere… but I’m glad I kep this film until now as it STILL looks totally unique. It’s a short sharp shocker as I loved the dishevelled look of Dani being woken up and dragged out of her bed, in that night shirt (she wore absolutely nothing on underneath which was incredibly sexy, I can tell you!) – it’s a great authentic looking film and it will be out IN FULL (both Wmv and MP4 for members to download) along with some bonus Hi Res images and the 70-80 or so video images that accompany this update! A bumper week indeed at AAA Spanking !!!

Click image below for a special free image gallery…

I also have some early preview images from the film itself, so I hope you enjoy these before the masses and members get to download them alongside the film (in  full size).





* Get this offer while you can as I will definitely remove it well before the end of this month without notice!


A quick look at our European friends and what they are getting up to… and it’s impressive, as always at Spanking Server – I love this micro niche they have forged, pussy punishments, whether it’s an open leg strapping or full on caning of a girl’s most intimate private parts, I find this a real turn on to watch as I know that it is rather uncomfortable for the ladies… and also a great act of submission on their part for this to happen – a double whammy! See what I mean with these choice images below of one particularly striking young lady shown recently:





If you want to see MORE of this film – You can view it HERE


At NorthernSpanking.com Caroline Grey has just finished her third year at University in Applied Mathematics, however, she is falling behind in her majoring class and her lecturer “offers a helping hand” in improvement… hmmm, I wonder what that could be? Oh, of course, a bloody good spanking!!!





This is a great Caroline Grey movie, one of umpteen you can watch as a member at Northern Spanking


Finally, I see that Miss Rutherford has been across to Holland again and there are already a few of her new films uploaded for members at Mike’s excellent Spanked-in-Uniform.com site – Amelia Jane gets her 1st secretarial spanking role at the Whippingsham College and then reprises a co starring role back at the Rockford School of Dance!

AJR’s secretarial punishment film:  Bad Spelling




Student Amelia Jane Rutherford had just returned from her internship at a local company and her report was not good at all. She had been late for work a few times but the worst thing was that in a letter she wrote for a client, there were 14 spelling mistakes. Time for a special spelling spanking. All the mistakes in the letter were highlighted and she was taken over the knee and she had to read the letter out loud and for every spelling mistake, she got 6 hard spanks. The teacher finished off with 84 hard spanks on her bare bottom (6×14) and Amelia was sent into the corner for a full hour.

In the 2nd film out now (at the Rockford Dance section) she co stars with Dutch girl Loni in “Rollerskates”




 Amelia and Loni were supposed to be at Cheerleading practise but instead they were fooling around with a pair of rollerskates. The coach caught them, told them to lean against a post, and he gave them a paddling on their knicker clad bottoms. Then he took them to his office, made them kneel on two chairs, and paddled them soundly before sending them to Cheerleading practice minus their knickers.

 Don’t forget you can see a whole load of films with Amelia Jane Rutherford in uniform at this site…


That’s all for now… I’ll be back with more as always. Chief.

Thank the Lord it’s “Spanking Friday”

As the weekend is upon us, and millions of Brits hurry down to the pub to drown their sorrows or celebrate surviving yet another miserable week in this present economic climate and can start to see the end of winter is in sight (lighter evenings and milder weather has started to cheer me up as I no longer go to work and come home from work in total darkness and today was amazingly mild and blue skies, it just makes one happy, don’t you agree? What also makes me happy is the sight of a beautiful girl and her bare bottom thoroughly punished that it is a tell-tale glowing red that shows me that she has been taught a lesson… and such! Anyway,  I have decided to celebrate the coming weekend with an excuse to show some good ol’ bare bottom punishments you’d expect from me! Help me celebrate my “Fine wine and cigar” moments that I have been viewing this week from my darkened, locked study!

Kat St James – need I introduce this So Cal babe further? Check out her interview and several spanking punishments that she takes courtesy of Clare Fonda, Kat recalls her childhood spankings and is interviewed by Clare before we get to see the movies of some scenes of her memories from growing up at home!

Kat is given a “Man Spanking” by Double Dan who played “father” in this film which members can now see!
Check out her tight pants which really show off her pert cheeks! Yikes!




As well as being spanked by dad, she was more often than not spanked my mom as she recalls in her interviews as he wasn’t around as much, I have included a quick look fantastic image set (all images liek th eabopve are in far smaller resolution than members get to see) along with a short 2 minute clip you can preview immediately of Kat talking about her spankings growing up… this is the very first part of the interview, but you get the idea, I hope… and not only is Clare playing her mother superbly in the subsequent film from this… but she is a top interviewer who gets some interesting replies from Kat in the full interview! This is what makes SpankedSweeties.com such a good site, in my opinion. See for yourself below:


Kat’s personality really comes out in these “family spankings.” As Clare reckons… “She is definitely one of the most gorgeous ladies in the scene” and this was shot at the Shadowlane Party they attended last Fall. Getting spanked in real life or “playing” is one of Kat St James’ favourite pastimes and she was disappointed that she could not play so much at the party (as she had to keep her bottom nice for shoots!)



You can check out MORE of Kat’s fantastic spanking punishments HERE

Whilst I am reviewing one of Clare’s sites, it would be rude of me not to show you the very latest hot slut spankings at SpankedCallgirls.com where Clare features her latest duo together as hooker babes chastised and thrashed by brothel owner of her naughty whoring franchise from “Momma Clare” who , of course, knows how to deal with girls that stray and try to rip her or her esteemed clients!

“C’mon… it don’t matter much WHO is 1st, you’re both getting it good across my lap!”

Clare has worked with Celia (in black) for a while and trusts her, but Celia seems to be quite the enabler when her perky-bottomed friend Moon bails. Slut spankings for both- hairbrush applied! Moon is a hot liitle gothy who is schooled by Momma Clare & Celia is of course no stranger to a solid thrashing as you’ll discover!





See how this spanking ends with a flourish – Click HERE

I couldn’t avoid any of Clare’s sites without my usual visit to GirlSpanksGirl.com (for my F/F spanking mega fix) and the much anticipated remaster of the early Exclusive Education Series to HQ-Wmv continues with season 2 (one of Clare’s most iconic films, I have always imagined her as that nasty nurse dishing out the punishmentsd alongside the cruel teachers to the 8 lovely girls that also includes an early performance by none other than Amber Pixie Wells… so please do check out these reminder images and be assured that teh quality of the playback now matches what you see here… well worth it, only EE3 to go and the entire 6 series so far will be available in best quality making thsi site a “MUST SEE” in my opinion, if you have never viewed it… now’s your time for lovers of F/F discipline and some very naughty and ruder intimate punishments!

Images below are taken from Exclusive Education 2
– now showing in higher WMV resolution playback! –




Check out all the hot glowing bottoms on display at this school of disrepute!

See the previews of this in more detail – CLICK HERE

All the above sites of Clare Fonda can be viewed seperately, which are already excellent value condsiering their vast archives at each site, but of course, you can also choose these sites as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site package at the awesome CLARE FONDA PASS network which will save you a ton of cash and keep you busy with daily updates, I dare you to try and keep up!!!


& now to something completely different… you all know how I admire Caroline Grey, I really do think she has one of the sexiest and most spankable bottoms in the British Isles (and I need to rectify that and get her at my site sometime this year!!!) anyway, at Bars and Stripes – Caroline’s latest punishment is with the cane!

Caroline Grey – Prisoner 4237


Sentenced to 12 years (that’s one of the longest terms at this reformatory) Caroline’s latest punishment is a harsh caning on her bared bottom in a really humiliating discipline session where no one can hear (or care) if she screams or cries out! No neighbours to worry about here! See why I rate Caroline so highly (below)




Check out what actually happens to Caroline in her latest embarrassing punishment caning HERE


& finally, in a way to celebrate the mild weather, perhaps the good folk of Northern Spanking feel the same too and have released another good feel outdoor production, despite it actually being rather bitter and cold (check out Leia’s thick overcoat in the pics!) there is a sweet new girl called Molly Malone – without a wheelbarrow (it’s an old Irish song adapted for us hoolies that love our football… or soccer as my North American chums would say)

“She wheels a wheel barrow… through streets broad and narrow!”

Molly Malone – before Leia gets hold of her!



OK, it’s a teaser, I know… but Molly looks absolutely fab, don’t you agree? & I haven’t seen her anywhere else, so a nice 1st show for this smiling spanking newbie!

One girl that Paul from Northern enjoyed filming over the years is the amazing Jadie Reece, I must admit I have rather a thing for her too, and Paul admitted that this scene with Lucy “cleansing” the filthy girl in the bath tub (and note where her fingers pry and interfere with!) was one of his all time faves… hard to not disagree, this is out for members of NorthernSpanking.com to peruse (and enjoy!) – Warning: Contains scenes of masturbation and female fingers intruding said nether regions where some disgruntled folk may be upset that this is not a purist spanking: “Fuck that, it’s Jadie Reece, naked, soaped, sudded, lathered and then fingered and spanked by a smiling, filthy minded Lucy!”

Jadie gets what’s coming to her from Lucy in the bath tub!!!



More of Jadie (much more!) and new girl Molly can be seen right now at Northern Spanking HERE


Have a great weekend, I have been drinking copious amounts of Shiraz whilst writing this so am a little “squiffy” – Have a good one! Chief.

OMG Spankings!

 Hi everyone, I just got back from a nice short overnight stay in the Cotswolds, a beautiful old part of England and we paid a short visit to the lovely old town of Stratford (home of William Shakespeare) as well as the amazing Cotswold villages like Broadway which area step back in time. It was a perfect crisp clear winter’s day, and I took some images which I can bore you with at the end of this post, only problem with winter light is that it can be harsh with the low lying sun so I had to make do with the time and location and go with it, but I think you’ll enjoy the beauty of our English heritage.

Now talking about beauty… OMG, as the title suggests, today I have some gob smacking video updates for you and they are simply stunning, so let’s start with one of my definite top 10 spankees (if I was ever forced to make a list I’d make sure she was in it) – “Ladies & gents, I present to you, Adrienne Black exclusively from FirmHandSpanking.com spanked in a sailor’s uniform!”

See more of Adrienne spanked on her bare bottom HERE

This is hot! Tall, leggy blonde Adrienne Black in naval uniform reports to Captain Reed to be disciplined for dress-code offenses in Secretary. Delicious view as she bends over an armchair, panties down and bare cheeks bouncing red for 126 smacks. Funny out-take at the end!

 See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

 See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

You can see this and ALL of Adrienne’s (now many) films only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Next up from Clare Fonda, and deservedly so in the OMG stakes… first, I’m going to feature some of her fantastic new girls and updates then let you know (if you haven’t by now) about the wonderful remasters that are going on (finally) from the days when the internet was in its infancy so we had to endure tiny low res movies… they’ve been upgraded… but as I said, let’s go see Dylan Rose in 2 outstanding debut movies first of all!

Dylan Rose gets a hard OTK spanking Dylan is spanked by Momma Clare Dylan bare her bottom for the switch

Dylan takes the switch on her bare ass bent over and ass exposed for her punishment

Dylan Rose winces in pain ass exposed for her switch punishment

Dylan was spanked a lot growing up! Her mother and step-mother both believed in OTK discipline and administered it on a regular basis with hand, belt and even a switch as you have seen above! Below, Dylan re enacts a typical OTK spanking scene which her step mother (played by Clare Fonda) would appear to enjoy administering… of course, speaking from a neutral’s perpective… I’d have no hesitation in spanking this naughty girl’s bare behind… would you?

See Dylan Rose get a spanking from her mother spanked by mommy panties down spanking

shameful otk spanking She yelps as mom spanks her hard

close to tears over mom's knee top spanking of Dylan by Clare Fonda Dylan's painful spanking

You can see all of new girl Dylan’s re enactments from her life and a fantastic introduction to a new girl from Clare Fonda’s specialist site SpankedSweeties.com

OK, here is a cracking new movie just released at GirlSpanksGirl.com and it has Alice Wonder (she starred in one of my fave films at another of Clare’s sites – Spankedcallgirls.com and I’ll provide a link to a free gallery of that later so you can see) but here Alice is with her gorgeous friend, Nena… who just wants to make out with Alice (hmmm, who wouldn’t, lol) there’s a brief explanation below as well!

kissing before the spanking Alice spanks Nena Alice takes Nena over her knee

tight shorts spanking 

Alice spanks Nena on her bare butt bare bottom hand spanking See Nena spanked over Alice's lap

Nena is visiting her friend Alice. She starts kissing her and making out, but Alice warns her that if her Aunt Clare catches them, she will spank both of them. Nena won’t stop, so Alice spanks Nena. Then Nena gets angry and spanks Alice. But when they make out again, Aunt Clare catches them…. hmm, what do you think will happen then? You can find out more HERE

Oh, and that fave film of mine with Alice and Clare at Spankedcallgirls.com ?? Click image below for the special free gallery… Clare really went to town on this sweet little thing for getting a trashy foot tattoo that annoyed Clare as she felt she couldn’t pimp her out for more money to her clients (oh my!) – oh, and I loved Alice’s natural bush too!!!


GirlSpanksGirl.com is also home to many classic long play discipline and punishment movies of well over an hour in length, or long story arcs… this is usually found in the “Discipline Section” where you’ll find all the Excluisve Education series movies (I have news of these too, as Clare and her tean are now re editing all the fantastic old classics to bring the films from 10 years ago up to viewing standards of 2012 – the original tapes have been re edited to their best rematsred quality making the early series of EE1 or one of my faves “Back in the day” available in higher quality Wmv rather than the low res Real Media files of old (which were OK in 2004 but not today when connections are so much faster!)

But, here today, is another classic addition, just click on the image below for the full free gallery of the latest full movie which is now out for download “Strict Tutor”

click to view this free update

Strict Tutor, a traditional domestic discipline video and excellent follow-up to Exclusive Education 6 has arrived. Strict Tutor features three of our top spanking models, Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza, the adorable Latina cheerleader who was thrashed by Clare Fonda. We also introduce Miss Morgan, a real life pro switch who brings her no-nonsense touch to her scenes. Strict Tutor involves OTK hand spanking along with hard whacks with the hairbrush. The girls are clad in school uniforms, pyjamas, as well as spanked hard in tight 1950’s style skirts. Mother Clare Fonda brings Miss Morgan into the family to help discipline her daughters and the results are strict scoldings, sound spankings and sore bottoms on three of today’s hottest starlets.


The above Clare Fonda updates can be viewed separately at her specialist sites, or via her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you access and choice to view 3, 4 or 5 of her best sites for a fraction of their combined cost!

click here for Clare Fonda's multi site pass offer


Now you all know I have a spanking crush for Kami Robertson so it was nice to see that Sarah had managed to persuade her man to get this classic up onto her site and it’s a joy to see again as I hadn’t forgotten this film one little bit, and when you see the images below, you won’t want to either! Images and the full movie are now available to view in splendid Wmv resolution (as you’d expect) with a full image gallery at SpankingSarah.com – There isn’t much else to say apart from… “O-M-G!”

– sorry about the random image above, I was just messing about 🙂 –

OK, so onto Kami Robertson, see the amazing “OMG” images below of one of my fave films from another producer, it’s hot, really hot… and Sarah’s got the film ready for you to download in full HERE!

Kami Robertson spanked Kami Robertson spanked

sexy Kami Robertson spanked knickers down for kami Kami's amazing bum revealed

spanked and exposed privates splayed wide and spanked

explicit spanking of Kami Robertson Kami strapped and spanked

Kami Robertson thinks she can get a free ride in a taxi, she tries to cheat the driver but he is too fast for her. She has to pay the full price or suffer the pain and indignity of a good hard beating. That’s just what she gets. Knickers off she is spanked and paddled hard on her bare bottom, her legs are spread so the thin strap finds its way to her private places and boy does it hurt. A real hard spanking and strapping film.

Check out the FREE PREVIEW of Kami’s explicit and naughty punishment RIGHT HERE


This next film title got me interested… “Caroline’s Pussy” – hmmm, as always, I knew it wasn’t going to be something porno or graphic (or was it?) No way, lol! In a play on words… a la “Mrs Slocombe’s pussy” from “Are you being served?” (OK, I have just about lost 70% of the readership who aren’t British or old enough to remember this 70’s sit com) … so before I ramble on, here is a reminder of Mrs Slocombe’s pussy talk on national telly which always got a titter or 3 🙂



Don’t miss the upcoming caning of Caroline… oh, and the elusive pussy  🙂

Just for good measure, I thought I’d share with you a really hot domestic discipline film starring Emma as a trashy housewife caught making out with Paul Kennedy (who I might add… slinks off pretty sharpish when hubby arrives home) However, this is a spanko hubby and he gets his kicks from spanking his wife… and dressed like that, who can blame him? Emma is looking HOT in these scenes and I love the accompanying images of this film as you can see below (in reduced size)!



check out more of Emma at NorthernSpanking

Wow! What a way to end this post on… I hope you enjoyed some beautiful thrashings today… I now have to take a cold shower and so on… heh heh! You can see why Northern Spanking make consistently good films RIGHT HERE


& finally a few pics of my brief stay away…. carefully sponsored by the English Cheese Council and Cotswold Town & Village Committee, I present to you some old buildings, scenery and such! the 1st is where we stayed, an old Tudor mansion in the middle of nowhere!!! Other images are of Stratford-upon-Avon (incl Shakespeare’s house) and Broadway in the Cotswolds.




Happy Birthday AAA SpankingOh, and in case you forgot, today is the 1 year birthday of AAAspanking.com! Hoorah! & thank you to Marilyn for wishing us all the best… I also want to say “thank you” again to all our members who have stuck by us or joined, your support means a lot to us and helps us continue to fund new films. We always knew in these hard pressed economic times that it was going to be hard for a new start up, and we weren’t wrong, but we hope to improve vastly in 2012 with some new ideas which we are ging to implement from the very next film shoot (I can’t say as that would be telling but we have lots of good stuff we promise you will enjoy throughout 2012! Check out the SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OFFER – still available until the end of the month!

Thanks for reading the blog (as always) and come back soon!

Midweek Spanking Updates

A quick trawl through the internet today, since my connection seems to be behaving again today! I have plenty of things on my mind as I prepare for our next filmshoot, the things we go through, I’m actually scared about this one as I could get rumbled by the owners of the place I’ve rented as they live next door… how the hell did I mess that one up? (I thought I had it all sorted, different area codes for phones etc… ) This is gonna be fun as I arrive Friday night and assess the situation and the girls and crew arrive Saturday! Do I spank quietly? Will the walls be thin? I shall be checking the house to see if I can hear anything next door the previous evening and then discreetly getting the stuff in the next day. This could go horribly wrong, but the location inside has some great rooms and the girls I’ve got coming… well, I’ll just let you wait until it’s done, but one is a popular girl back by demand and another is a newbie to my site who I know will be extremely popular! I just hope we get to film what we want to do!

In the meantime, members at AAAspanking can now download the latest movie update with sarah Gregory spanked and hairbrushed for the very first time in authentic Dropseat Pyjamas… I love this film… I am sure you will too! Click image for access to a free spanking clip!


& so to my 1st look around as one girl I have always admired, Caroline Grey, gets a wake up spanking in the latest uniform episode from Spanked-in-Uniform.com in the Army cadet section. I just know Mike who owns the site just *loves* dressing up and barking at the girls… I don’t blame him one little bit and getting Caroline to do some humiliating exercises and punishing her is the perfect way to wake up a lazy bones cadet, don’t you think?




This was a bad day for senior cadet Caroline Grey. She overslept and her commanding officer rudely awakened her and gave her a sound spanking over her bed followed by a brisk painfull special drill caning. Then she had to do some PE before being sent to breakfast. Later that afternoon she was on motorpool duty and she had to clean 3 of the trucks but her work was sloppy so she was soon in the office getting a sound paddling with the heavy leather paddle



In case I’ve missed any movies recently  – You can check out the latest updates right here!


As for spanking crushes, I’m sure you all know how I feel about Kat St James, so pretty and petite, yet able to take a hell of a thrashing when required and at Firmhandspanking.com she proves again just how darned good she is, being able to take a rather sustained and nasty paddling, both with the stingy Lexan and then the evil wooden paddle! Eric Strickman is the paddler so you’ll know he takes absolutely no crap off Kat when he punishes her for leading his daughter astray. Why? She was asked to take her out for an evening… and NOT to come home stinking drunk at 3am! Witness some of what is in store for gorgeous Kat below with these amazing images, I promise you this film is one of their best recently!!! Members can download this now HERE!




Click here to preview the free wooden paddling clip


OK, before I go (I have to go and do my vanilla job… lol) I have just been sent this amazing free set from English-Spankers.com of a classic from a now retired spanking model CJ, in this double you see below she is a feisty girl fighting back against her twisted tormentor who overpowers her and gives her a hell of a thrashing with his hand and a thick cane! I have just watched the movie on their site and it is awesome! Click on both images below which lead to free galleries and really give you an indication of what is about to happen! Enjoy!

I loved that image above, it shows the struggle… and below this gallery shows the caning!

Check out the FREE Movie Clip of the above scenes HERE

OTK Spanking Day!

Today’s post is dedicated to everything OTK! Out of all my spanking preferences, I still find this the most satisfying position as a spanker and I absolutely love seeing others, male or female carrying out this disciplinary action… so excuse me whilst I get a little self indulgent and check out some sites I may not have reviewed here for a while or rummage through my own archived data… I’ll also find some new stuff just released at various sites too, in case you may have seen what I’m about to show you from the past (though I doubt you’ll have seen all of what I’m about to share with you!).

Aunt Reina and her niece Laura are first up from the famous Japanese girl on girl dicipline site Hand-Spanking.com – and this movie was a little bit bonkers (but aren’t many of the storylines?) The story is that aunty and her niece recall the spankings they both got in the past from Reina’s sister (making that cute Laura’s mother, of course). They get excited about the times they both got disciplined and spanked and decide to take turns with each other over their laps to recall the way it felt! (I told you it was a bonkers storyline!)

Laura goes first over her aunt’s lap and her bare bottom is quickly uncovered for a firm spanking!




Niece Laura doesn’t need much encouragement to spank her aunt quite hard either!
She even grunts like a Russian tennis player as she slams her hand down onto her aunt’s sore bare backside!




all the films at Hand-Spanking.com come with a decent English subtitled translation and all the newer films are now shot on HD Definition widescreen cameras giving even better playback quality! If seeing girls spanked in the OTK position is your thing, this site mainly caters to that niche as you’ll have seen above!


Now for something new from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a classic domestic OTK hand spanking of (brightly) red haired Alison Miller with her tight jeans pulled down and given an old fashioned no nonsense spanking by Eric Strickman (remember I recently showed you what he is capable of with Kat St James?) This film is no different, it’s a good hard spanking and Alison has one of the best wiggly-wobbly bubble butts that reacts to a solid spanking, just check out some amazing HQ stills from this new series of Alison now available to download HERE!





Alison was quite sneaky as she had guessed uncle Eric would spank her and she had padded out her bottom with several pairs of pants underneath her tight jeans! However this backfired on her when he found out and pulled down all her protection including the jeans and gave her a damned hard man spanking across his lap!

I have cut a special freeview clip including a “slo-mo” scene which is in the film showing off Alison’s amazing bubble butt – CLICK HERE to view this exclusive free clip from this movie!


Now you know I love seeing girls punished in PJ’s, with their trouser bottoms dragged down, preferably around their ankles and over someone’s lap… also (yes, I’m fussy) I usually like to see the scene in the girl’s bedroom as this is her sanctuary… so the spanking, which can end in tears… is the ultimate humiliation if it takes place in the “Holy of Holies” as far as I’m concerned! There is no hiding place when you’ve been a bad girl! So, it was good to see that a recent HD film (with a HQ Stills set that I am showing some reduced size images of) had Aunty Katie spanking her niece, Honey, in such a circumstance… see below! Images are courtesy of English-Spankers.com





This is what the owners of the site had to say about this great film: “Honey is a real naughty teenager and she needs to be taught a lesson. Aunty Katie is the one to do it and in the good old fashioned way, a good stout slipper applied to a tender young bottom. Bent over the knee first of all spanked on her pyjamas and then see them pulled down for the bare bottomed slippering. The very first punishment for this new young spankee!”

See the FREE Preview clip of Honey’s home punishment!


Rather than show what is out right now at Clare Fonda’s sites (images and such are uploaded and the movies are playing out, so I’d be repeating myself at the mo) I thought I’d go back and check out some classic stuff from the past, all with the OTK theme of today, which wasn’t difficult as these girls are nearly always spanked at some point or for a prolonged period in this position (ah, that’s why I love these sites, lol!) – So let me start with a delve back in time to when Clare had redheads Madison Young and a sweet innocent looking (though she was anything but) Paris Kennedy. This is taken from the archives of Spankedcallgirls.com and features OTK spanking, diapering, humiliation and even temperature taking by Clare… this was so hot and I enjoyed checking it out again!





Check out more humiliating punishments of the very naughtiest hooker babes and slutty girls – Fonda stylee!


SpankedSweeties.com is the site Clare introduces many new models and spanking 1st timers or the girl next door types to her network but she also brings in more experienced fetish and spanking models too. They talk about their fantasies and past life being spanked and chastised growing up then re enact them for us! It’s a great site, often missed by some individually (it’s a massive site on its own now!) but should always be one of the sites you choose as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Check out one such model I just watched again called Candle Boxx (I love her stage name!!!) – she took some quite hard man spankings and had one of the most beautiful red speckled derrieres by the time her spanking was finished as you’ll see below in one of her OTK spankings!





Do not miss the interviews spankings and everyone of Clare’s newbies shown here first!

Or check out any of Clare’s sites & choose your option as part of her amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS


I had remembered that I hadn’t shown Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com getting a good hard OTK thrashing in her cheer girl outfit, just check out the images below as coach Johnson takes a no nonsense approach to her poor attitude at his prestigious Dance School Academy…





Caroline is an American girl who joined the cheerleading class and she thinks she can be as sassy here as in America but coach Johnson will have none of it! While practising, he noticed that she was wearing frilly purple panties instead of the regulation white ones so he called her into his office and gave her a sound spanking. Then she was told to put on the white panties but her attitude was still leaving a lot to be desired so he put her over his knee again and gave her another long, hard painful tear jerking spanking which left her bottom crimson with shame and very sore.

See all the latest OTK spankings and further humiliation these girls like Caroline suffer – Click Here


Finally, as it’s an OTK spanking I couldn’t leave out a site which says it is dedicated to this, the aptly named OTKspank.com – I wouldn’t normally recommend this but I am today as the outside of the site hasn’t really been updated or changed since Xerotics was sold at the beginning of the year but inside the member area they have been updating the site like before and this movie which is the current one, I have never seen before, though I recognize the location and of course, Hannah Martin… so it’s a nice surprise to see this film (shot on location probably over 6 years ago in Denmark) finally makes it to the light of day.

Hannah was subjected to a rather humiliating inspection and OTK spanking when her continuing failing grades gave her Uncle all the excuse he needed to thrash her bare behind! See some images taken from this film below, hopefully I’m right in saying this is totally unseen, at least in this Hi Res format, or my memory might not be what is was! 🙂





OTKspank.com is basically a massive archive of OTK related spanking films all together in one place, some are exclusively remastered for this site whilst some are shown elsewhere on the Xerotics group of sites. So I won’t labor the point or moan about that (they’ve always done it that way which isn’t the best, of course) as today I’m only recommending this site (but only if you haven’t ever viewed this site or haven’t seen anything from this outfit for ages then it’s really a nice site to start with if you like seeing many pretty girls spanked traditionally over someone’s lap). You got the Chief’s seal of approval to check it out – the member area is pretty easy to navigate around, divided into sections for movies, HQ stills and screen images (which are conveniently zipped) and they do have some good longer term membership offers too, compared to the monthly price.

CLICK HERE to view more on the tour pages
(Use it as a guide as you won’t see this movie advertised there even though it’s the latest one!)


* Disclaimer: Regards this network, many of you will know I had some real issues with them especially around the time of their sale earlier this year and am still suffering as a result of that… however, being now fully independent I can say what the hell I like (although I usually just don’t bother publicly) so if I think any of these sites are not worth looking at… then I’ll say! You may have noticed that I just haven’t bothered, there’s reasons for this as affiliates or promoters like myself won’t usually bother but I’m not going to debate that right now.

However, I’d actually like some feedback to those who are members of any of the sites in question, should I look at these sites again? I know there are those that purchased a ridiculously cheap annual pass last year, so to be fair, they can’t complain… even though it’s pretty obvious the old site owners knew they were selling the sites so I’d guess they just wanted as much income as possible (naturally)… that’s my speculation, of course. If the new owners were to offer anything so daft this year I’d be concerned about their sanity as this just doesn’t make any sense at all (unless they’re selling it on as well, lol).
I prefer to not write anything damning, the lack of anything positive is usually better, don’t you think? Anyway, as I say… “each to their own and all that” and what I say here you should take with a big pinch of salt as if you’ve never viewed any site I might be unhappy with (not confined to this network), then the archives of that particular site could be fantastic and well worth signing up to (if you had not seen the site for a long time, or ever) … but I look at how the sites continue to update as well as that’s an indicator of the integrity and policy of any company, I think.
It’s hard out there, people want to know that they are valued as a member, there’s lots of choice nowadays… that’s my take of attracting loyal members and those that will come back again and again… don’t you agree?

Anyway, as I said, give me feedback and let me know whether I should look into any of the sites, or any other from anywhere that I might have the time to investigate – perhaps do a “warts and all” proper review of a site (it can be any site from any network) that you’d like me to check on before you part with your hard earned cash?

I have been thinking of doing some English based ones, perhaps one from Northern SpankingEnglish SpankersSound Punishment or another you might consider? (cripes, those site have a lot of content… lol!)

OK, over to you all… hope you liked my take on all things OTK today, Regards, Chief. 🙂

Spanking Punishments…”something something” Dark Side!

Every now and then I like to view something a little more gripping, a little more nasty, just a little more edgy at times and with the punishments and/or humiliation/tears that follow… well today is such a day and I wanted to share with you what I have been watching, mainly institutional stuff today, so forgive me if this isn’t quite your thing… there will be plenty of other days where I will post my usual offerings and reviews!

So without wasting any further time, one punishment I watched again this morning was that of Caroline Grey (I seem to be watching a lot of her recently…. not that I’m complaining as Caroline has pretty much experienced all the highs and lows of spankings and incarceration, which is partly a theme I have today and where better to show some of her most tearful work than at Bars-and-Stripes.com where she is dragged out of bed at night, half asleep and hauled over the lap of a masked spanker and his accomplice and they proceed to thrash the living daylights out of Prisoner Grey until they leave her a blubbering mess to contemplate their actions…. it’s quite a grim film but one which I thoroughly got into and Caroline’s tears at the end looked quite real after that ordeal! there’s a great long play clip below and I have managed to find some (ahem) security screen stills from the entire gruelling 15 minute ordeal she went through (shhh… don’t tell the prison about it!)

 A selection of CCTV shots taken from the moment they woke her up until they left her in a heap on the floor…




I had also managed to sneak in a few images, especially at the end where Caroline is back in bed and a mass of tears… something something “dark Side” indeed, eh?


This episode is just one of many with Caroline at Bars-and-Stripes.com


Cripes… how do I follow that? Well, Mood-Pictures.com have something a little more interesting than their usual “flog em to death” routine which I’m pleased to report (yes, not all their movies are so mind numbingly severe, thankfully). & now we can download the HD versions online of many of their top selling films at one new membership site – & as an example I particularly enjoyed this film (below) as they had put a lot of thought and effort into a Roman/Slave type scenario!

Women were bought and sold like cheap throwaway commodities as slaves and sexual objects back in the heyday of the Roman Empire… so as you’ll see from the images below, these girls are 1st used and groped by the various males of the household withtheir new purchases but are then thrashed by the new mistress who takes a dislike to the new attractive girls fearful that her husband will use them for his own sexual pleasure! Although some of the canings are really severe (they leave the trademark “Mood welts”, as I’d call them) they aren’t blood curdingly awful as some of their films which is why I actually “enjoyed” watching this film. I know there are those that “get off” on seeing a girl thrashed to pieces… but that’s not me, I still like to see spankings as somewhat sexual in nature and I just couldn’t “get off” personally seeing a girl thrashed beyond her levels and in obvious distress… but each to their own, I guess.






There are also additional options at the new site where you can choose just to download a movie of your choice or perhaps purchase a DVD for a one off fee, of course. Check out their new look if you haven’t already.


I had to sneak in at least one institutional schoolgirl type punishment and as I had missed the very recent update of Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford I thought it best to check out the second part of their ongoing punishment for daring to defy Mr Johnson…

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake have been given detention till the end of term every Wednesday afternoon untill they give the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was forbidden. This is the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom and Pandora was given the same when she comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute.







You can also check out the other uniform niche punishments being updated this week HERE


& to finish today, something a little different, it’s not spanking but covers the aspect of humiliation of females in the context of medical examinations. I have been asked about this before (why I liked this)… maybe it’s me imagining myself as the Doc or knowing how embarrassed the girls might feel as they go through a variety of intimate and unwanted examinations? I loved playing a Doc recently in an Examination Room Set… although I actually spanked the patient/nurse (delete as applicable) it just seems rather erotic and pervy, maybe harking back to the days of playing “Doctors & Nurses” perhaps… but here there is a dark side to these examinations, I think. Being from Russia, I can only imagine these (admiteddly gorgeous girls) are doing this purely for the money… why else would they do this on film? Anyways, I have some of the latest galleries below which should show you just what they get up to… and I have a link to an old established gallery that has a whole ton of further very naughty examination content!

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATIONS






Readers of one of my other blogs might have seen me review a great film from Lupus Spanking – it’s, ahem… set in an Examination Room, click on the image below for the full blog review I did and a further look at the movie with free previews/images you’d expect etc…

Hope you enjoyed the darker side of what I’d been viewing recently, comments and such are always much appreciated
Regards, Chief.

PS. Tomorrow I will be reviewing some damned hot spanking entertainment which I’m looking forward to downloading later this evening in a darkened (locked) room, with some fine wine and a big fat cigar & loose fitting trousers as I decide on what to review! It’s a hard life, eh?

Uniforms, Spankings & more…

As promised, I have some of the very latest updates just released coupled with a self indulgent blast into the past for you all to enjoy as I bring you a uniform themed update today and I’m starting with my own site as I have been looking forward to showing this to everyone as it covers a lot of great themes… Girl Guide spankings, and a role reversal punishment of a female member of staff (with thanks to Miss Sara Winter for providing that particular distraction!) – it’s an indulgent fantasy of mine to see attractive girls dressed in genuine UK Girl Guide uniforms (ahem!) … so without any more of my waffle, check out the access to a good free spanking clip of Emma (click on the image below) – I was particularly proud of these spankings that I carried out, the girls winced and genuinely got a good hard smacking for being naughty as you’ll see! This is a genuinely enjoyable spanking film that has some great dialog (not to waffly or lengthy, great colorful uniforms and F/F and M/F spankings that should satisfy your viewing pleasures)…


Naughty Girl Guides, Cindy & Emma, have been summoned to Miss Winter’s Office as she’s heard reports of misbehaving girls fitting their description disgracing the name of the school and the Girl Guide Troupe they represent in the annual “Cookie Drive”. What’s more, the money they have collected from selling the cookies has gone missing & Miss Winter is so fed up & frustrated with the obvious lies of both girls that she spanks then uses the hairbrush on their bare behinds! However, this form of corporal punishment is reserved for the school’s Headmaster, Mr Osborne, who hears the commotion & is confronted with a scene of the girls thrashed minus their knickers! He decides to teach Miss Winter a lesson in humility, punishing her in front of the girls before dispensing with them in their uniforms, himself, as they should have been. A good old fashioned excuse to show lots of female flesh reddened in under 20 minutes! It has both F/F, schoolgirl, uniform punishments & a role reversal discipline of the teaching staff that should appeal to everyone! Watch out for Mr Osborne’s heavy hand in this movie, he really does give everyone within striking distance a darned good walloping!

Images below are taken directly from the HD film & shown here 1st (naturally) before anyone else!






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Now to uniforms of a different kind as we head over to Holland for a good dose of “schpaannnkings” in various uniforms and some British & Irish girls recently invited over to experience the latest discipline and punishments from Spanked-in-Uniform.com – I love seeing  these girls punished as you’ll see and I’m sure you’ll agree when you read on and view the latest offerings from the various uniform niches covered at this site!





Caroline Grey, a rebelious teen with a bad record wants to join the Southport Naval Academy. During her interview Captain Johnson decided to test her willingness to obey the rules by giving her a good spanking. She obeyed without much fuss and was allowed to join the Academy. A week later she was back in his office for her evaluation but she did not do that well. A few missed dutyshifts, rowcalls etc. which earned her a sound paddling while bending over his desk.






Stewardess Caroline made a big mistake. Instead of getting on the flight to Tahiti, the little madam got on the Birmingham flight. This caused a huge problem and Mr. Johnson had to send a private jet to sort it out. Now instead of taking it out of her salary, he took it out on her bottom. As soon as she was back at the office, she was given a long sound OTK spanking followed by a hard bare bottom strapping over his desk!

If you liked what you saw here, you can see much more of Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com HERE


Below is a self indulgent look at the archives of Northern Spanking as I looked up the mad bad Katja who co starred alongside Nicole Reina – You may recognize katja from some of her films at Strictly English, where I thought some of her work as that pesky annoying brat next door amongst some of the most memorable I’d ever viewed of any actress, well, now that I have discovered Katja as NorthernSpanking (see below) I will be downloading all her films and this brief intro set of her schoolgirl spanking shame alongside Nicole is a corker!!!




An afternoon visit to the study, although very familiar to them by now, is not something Nicole and Katja look forward to. In addition to thoroughly punishing the two girls, leaving them with very sore bottoms indeed, the Headmaster seems to take great delight in finding humiliating new positions in which to punish them. There always comes a point when their soft white cotton knickers are taken down and, despite themselves, the girls embarrassment almost overtakes the pain of the spanking and slippering

For more schoolgirl punishments in fantastic uniforms – CLICK HERE

Today’s News & Spanking Round Up!

Good day to you all! Before I start, I’d just like to day how marvellous it was for the lucky people of our great nation to view the total lunar eclipse, despite the weather being rainy and of course heavily clouded… everywhere, that didn’t stop the good people of Britain looking up into the skies… oh no… we are made of sterner stuff, the stiff upper lip and all that. Here’s our fantastic view of this event! We know it’s hiding there somewhere, that was all we needed to know! 🙂

Amazing! Who needs actual pictures of the moon turning red or slowly disappearing before your eyes, eh? (That’s for sissies!) OK, so onto my many spankings round up, and the first I’d held off as mean Paul slowly and painfully leaked this great update out, much to my frustration (I told him so!) but now it’s out in full I thought I’d let you see a little bit of it! I think I remember saying how I adored seeing Caroline Grey… and hopefully we can work with her one day soon… but seeing Caroline AND Kali Redmond in their student nurse outfits… well, ’twas too much m’Lud!

The Rental Agreement – Starring Caroline Grey, Kali Redmond & Stephen Lewis.

Caroline and Kali are two struggling student nurses and the price of accommodation in the big city is just so expensive. Luckily they have an understanding (and deeply kinky) landlord who understands their situation perfectly and extracts his rent by regularly making the girls put on their uniforms so he can thoroughly and severely spank them! Yes, this is a perverted spanko’s dream come true and lucky Stephen ensures he gets his full money’s worth ensuring both girls are looking extremely kinky in their uniforms whilst he gets to redden their “student bum” bums!

Representative images below are taken from inside the members area:

… there is also a brand new update which I just spied inside the members area with Leia and hot new girl Aleesha Foxx… seems Leia just can’t keep her hands off the new talent again! Where is Mr Lewis or Mr Kennedy when you need them to break up these naughty trysts, eh? These sample teaser pics should show you what Leia gets up to, members, of course, will be able to see far more (ahem!)

You can see all the latest goings on at NorthernSpanking HERE


This next update is stunning – taken from FirmHandSpanking.com – I reckon this might be one of the last films to feature Goldie Rosemont in the long running “Reform School” series she has starred in alongside her tutor and mentor, Eric Strickman… Rosie gets an absolutely bare butt blasting wooden paddle punishment followed by a rare caning – this is a reminder of what she can expect if she misbehaves again. You can see the stunning exclusive free intro and paddle swats on this blog… just in case you don’t believe me how hard this girl’s punishment is going to be! (the full 13 minute movie does NOT disappoint, I promise you!). The film also comes complete with a full set of HQ images, some of which you may have seen elsewhere so I hope the ones I have picked, in some cases, at least… are different 🙂

It’s an eye-watering, cheek-jiggling, hip-swinging treat as exotic beauty Goldie bends over for Principal Strickman’s final punishment of six and ten swats. Hot Reaction Cam replays of the paddling & caning scenes in the full film are included too making this a fitting end to Goldie’s long suffering red bottom education!

Seriously – Do NOT miss this epic finale of Goldie – See it all HERE


I have just uploaded a new comparison page for a couple of movies at AAAspanking.com – click on the image below & it’ll take you to a special page highlighting the 2 formats used Wmv & MP4 (the MP4 version is in larger and a clearer resolution, playable on ipads and such). MP4 is available for everyone using Windows Operating Systems (like about 90+% of us) to view with the free VLAN Player HERE

So check it out, even if it’s just a chance to see some long play clips courtesy of me to you 😉

If you like what you see then remember that we upload movies like this regularly and reward those staying with lower rebills or lower 3 and 6 month memberships (which can also be non recurring) pricing and other essential info HERE

Full tour pages with over 30 movie previews starts HERE


Finally for today I have a great exclusive and update news of one of my favorite sites out there that people would be foolish to ignore, and that is BunBeatingFun.com – Greg informed me earlier today that his newest full movie update is the very arrogant and bitchy model called Stefanie who you can see below in this 1st show and tell exclusive to this site…

At the time of writing, this update is so new that it’s just reached the members area literally moments ago so if you’re not a member than you can peruse this foolish woman’s punishment snippets here… spare a thought (or perhaps not) for all the other nasty foul mouthed 80 or so totally uncouth brats that should have got this sort of treatment a long… long time ago finally given what we all want to see, a good hard spanking to tears!


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Thursdays means lots of SPANKINGS!

Hiya… it’s a mega update time today! Some you’ll have seen, some you may not have, enjoy this round up of what I’ve been watching away from my site and I hope you like what I have for you, this is excellent stuff! So I promise no waffle, just great spanking updates! Go for it!
Regards, Chief.

From FirmHandSpanking.com – Alisha Strauss gets a whacking for making money showing off her magnificent teen breasts on the webcam of the principal’s laptop!!!

Showing her impressive 36C boobs on a webcam at Reform School is a big mistake for Alisha Strauss. “I need to earn money,” is her only excuse. Principal Eric Strickman bends her over his desk for over 50 licks with a leather paddle. Watch her reaction to the first swat in the special exclusive free play clip below! She really feels this one and just looks so damned cute with her perky breasts hanging out and wearing those bookworm glasses! Oh my!!!

The other equally alluring “new” girl at “Firm Hand” is Kayla Apple who takes yet another caning!!! (see below)

You can see much MORE of newbies Kayla & Alisha HERE


From Spanked-in-Uniform.com – Amazing new Army & Schoolgirl spanking videos!

A group of cadets were taken to the rifle range to learn how to shoot the M-16’s including how to dismantle and clean them. Cadets Angel and Amy decided to sneak away and have a drink but they were soon caught. Both were taken to the end of the rifle range and their officer gave them both a sound bare bottom caning out in the open whilst the other cadets watched. Then they were told to report to his office at 1300 hours and they both were laid over his desk and their caned bottoms got a hard nasty paddling for their ill discipline!

Uniforms should ALWAYS include schoolgirls so seeing Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford in a school uniform? Together?? Hell… why not? 🙂 Check out their last film shown at this site which I have to say is one of this site’s best! (as you’ll see)

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake had been given detention to the end of term every Wednesday afternoon until they gave the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was strictly forbidden. This was the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom then Pandora was given the same when she had comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute. It’s a great film that both girls helped bring up the storyline and they really looked the part!

MORE Uniform Specialist Punishments can be viewed HERE


I mentioned yesterday that Sarah will be appearing soon at my our own site, well, of course you don’t ever have to wait as Sarah’s own site HERE has a ton of great spanking stories and films like one of her most recent below called “Dorm Mom” and Sarah has every right to look as terrified as she did, she got a right ol’ whacking in this film!!!

Sarah attends a very prestigious ballet school. One night she decides to stay out all night and break curfew. Miss Stephanie Locke, the fearsome “Dorm Mother”, is not too happy when Sarah comes sneaking in at an early morning hour. She is waiting for this defiant young lady with a wooden spoon and hair brush in hand! See some images below which help better explain what happens to naughty Sarah!


A couple of outstanding long running movie updates I’ve never featured before, the 1st is called the Institution from their infamous “Celtic Correction series” and just look at the cast including Amy Hunter, Andi Switch and Nicole Reina who was the new girl introduced to this forbidding place and quickly had to learn and adapt otherwise she’d be facing the next 2 years with a regulation diet of pants down and a sore bottom to contend with!

Nicole Reina has been sentenced by a court to attend a specialist discipline Institution for wayward girls following her conviction for arson. Terrified and scared, Nicole has no idea what awaits her when she arrives at the Institution, in the middle of barren wastelands. The warden, Mr Black and the housekeeper Mrs Brighouse are bad enough, but the other residents are even more terrifying. Nicole will have to watch her back if she is to survive her 2 year sentence…

Of course this site has a vast archive and there’s an option to view the models previous works so I decided to check out Caroline Grey (being a long time admirer of her stuff on t’interwebs) and came across this wonderful piece of work, some images and storyline behind it are below! I know some models read this blog but if Caroline is reading this, I’d love to invite you to work with us sometime, you would be a most welcome addition to our increasing portfolio of films and girls! (Hmm, guess I should ask Paul when I see him). Anyway, please take a look below at this interesting movie, I love the location change and the fact she is caught reading Niki Flynn’s book “Dances with Werewolves”.

Caroline is discovered with her nose in a book, which in itseld is very unusual. Not as unusual as the book itself however, which is the brilliant Dances With Werewolves by our very own Niki Flynn! It is a truly excellent account of her kinky experiences (but most inapropriate for young Caroline of course!)

You can of course see all the very latest updates from NorthernSpanking HERE