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Thursdays means lots of SPANKINGS!

Hiya… it’s a mega update time today! Some you’ll have seen, some you may not have, enjoy this round up of what I’ve been watching away from my site and I hope you like what I have for you, this is excellent stuff! So I promise no waffle, just great spanking updates! Go for it!
Regards, Chief.

From – Alisha Strauss gets a whacking for making money showing off her magnificent teen breasts on the webcam of the principal’s laptop!!!

Showing her impressive 36C boobs on a webcam at Reform School is a big mistake for Alisha Strauss. “I need to earn money,” is her only excuse. Principal Eric Strickman bends her over his desk for over 50 licks with a leather paddle. Watch her reaction to the first swat in the special exclusive free play clip below! She really feels this one and just looks so damned cute with her perky breasts hanging out and wearing those bookworm glasses! Oh my!!!

The other equally alluring “new” girl at “Firm Hand” is Kayla Apple who takes yet another caning!!! (see below)

You can see much MORE of newbies Kayla & Alisha HERE


From – Amazing new Army & Schoolgirl spanking videos!

A group of cadets were taken to the rifle range to learn how to shoot the M-16’s including how to dismantle and clean them. Cadets Angel and Amy decided to sneak away and have a drink but they were soon caught. Both were taken to the end of the rifle range and their officer gave them both a sound bare bottom caning out in the open whilst the other cadets watched. Then they were told to report to his office at 1300 hours and they both were laid over his desk and their caned bottoms got a hard nasty paddling for their ill discipline!

Uniforms should ALWAYS include schoolgirls so seeing Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford in a school uniform? Together?? Hell… why not? 🙂 Check out their last film shown at this site which I have to say is one of this site’s best! (as you’ll see)

Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake had been given detention to the end of term every Wednesday afternoon until they gave the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was strictly forbidden. This was the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom then Pandora was given the same when she had comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute. It’s a great film that both girls helped bring up the storyline and they really looked the part!

MORE Uniform Specialist Punishments can be viewed HERE


I mentioned yesterday that Sarah will be appearing soon at my our own site, well, of course you don’t ever have to wait as Sarah’s own site HERE has a ton of great spanking stories and films like one of her most recent below called “Dorm Mom” and Sarah has every right to look as terrified as she did, she got a right ol’ whacking in this film!!!

Sarah attends a very prestigious ballet school. One night she decides to stay out all night and break curfew. Miss Stephanie Locke, the fearsome “Dorm Mother”, is not too happy when Sarah comes sneaking in at an early morning hour. She is waiting for this defiant young lady with a wooden spoon and hair brush in hand! See some images below which help better explain what happens to naughty Sarah!


A couple of outstanding long running movie updates I’ve never featured before, the 1st is called the Institution from their infamous “Celtic Correction series” and just look at the cast including Amy Hunter, Andi Switch and Nicole Reina who was the new girl introduced to this forbidding place and quickly had to learn and adapt otherwise she’d be facing the next 2 years with a regulation diet of pants down and a sore bottom to contend with!

Nicole Reina has been sentenced by a court to attend a specialist discipline Institution for wayward girls following her conviction for arson. Terrified and scared, Nicole has no idea what awaits her when she arrives at the Institution, in the middle of barren wastelands. The warden, Mr Black and the housekeeper Mrs Brighouse are bad enough, but the other residents are even more terrifying. Nicole will have to watch her back if she is to survive her 2 year sentence…

Of course this site has a vast archive and there’s an option to view the models previous works so I decided to check out Caroline Grey (being a long time admirer of her stuff on t’interwebs) and came across this wonderful piece of work, some images and storyline behind it are below! I know some models read this blog but if Caroline is reading this, I’d love to invite you to work with us sometime, you would be a most welcome addition to our increasing portfolio of films and girls! (Hmm, guess I should ask Paul when I see him). Anyway, please take a look below at this interesting movie, I love the location change and the fact she is caught reading Niki Flynn’s book “Dances with Werewolves”.

Caroline is discovered with her nose in a book, which in itseld is very unusual. Not as unusual as the book itself however, which is the brilliant Dances With Werewolves by our very own Niki Flynn! It is a truly excellent account of her kinky experiences (but most inapropriate for young Caroline of course!)

You can of course see all the very latest updates from NorthernSpanking HERE

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