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Tuesday’s Spanking Updates

Hmmm, sorry I wasn’t here sooner, hadn’t been feeling that great and was totally shattered but now I’m back, and I had been… ahem… watching the women’s beach volleyball (as a bored old perv like me does) and was, frankly, disappointed at the later games as the girls were wearing shorts and tops. But thankfully Zara Dampney & Shauna Mullin of Team GB kept my interest, can you see why?

Anyway, it has got cold as the evenings draw in, the curse of our crap summer, I guess… so I went to check the wondrous “t’internet” for other ass inspired sports to gaze upon and now suggest you all check out the following events, these came from the indoor Championships at Istanbul earlier this year, a great source of ASS-tastic female fitness which we shall see in the Olympics too, as you’ll discover. If any of you find this lame, it’s just a butt bit of fun… lighten up… I have the spanking updates to follow!

Triple Jump – Slovenian athlete and jumper, Marija “schwiiing” Sestak

& Ivet Lavlova, the Bulgarian sprinter jiggling “dat ass” (OMG!) before the 60 m dash!

OK, warmed up? Let’s GO! GO! GO! for my 1st spanking updates and recollections of this week! 🙂


 Some new spanking talent at Firm Hand Spanking to get us going today… say “hello” to new girls Tanya Carter and Jennifer Torrance from their brand new “College Girl Discipline” series.





 Tanya Carter’s bouncing booty debuts in College Girl Discipline with hot sorority sister Jennifer Torrance dealing out a spanking and 127-swat paddling. “This will be easy with your big bottom!” says Jennifer… as she prepares her sister for an initiation hazing, turning her cheeks a gorgeous red. See the new FREE Movie preview HERE


There have been some amazing vids from Sarah’s site Sarah Gregory Spanking recently, and this really hot new fetish model, Casey Calvert, caught my eye in one of Sarah’s last films with her “blonde hair” style that she filmed (though I suspect there will be many more to come). Casey co-stars in “Video Vixen” – caught videoing herself by older sis Sarah!

 Casey is Sarah’s little sister. Sarah comes home to find little Casey stripping in front of a video camera and photographer. She is not happy at all and takes little sis over her knee for a bare bottom spanking in the nude, while Mr. creepy photographer watches and comments on how hot it is.




You might also be interested to know that the full films for Sarah’s other recent releases are now available, including her “rouge look” in “The Bet” (below) –  Sarah finds herself in over her head when she doesn’t take placing a bet on a pool game seriously. When it is time to pay up, she doesn’t have the funds. She will pay off her debt in spankings she won’t soon forget.

& a special 3 girl spanking at the hand’s of Sarah’s daddy, Paul Rogers – a “Mardi Gras Spanking Special”


My love for seeing beautiful Japanese girls spanked and punished never diminishes, as you’ll see from this most recent amazing film to come from – they live up to their name – just hand spankings… and some of the most stunning cute girls you could ever imagine getting spanked, like the unsuspecting Ai who soon discovers that this beauty therapist has other ways of dealing with her submissive clients!

Ai visits a beauty salon for the first time out of curiosity. She receives a painful treatment on her rear end at the hands of beautician, Erica…







Talking of the delightfully bonkers (& perverse) Japanese… I just posted these awesome images at one of my other blogs, a rather sexual spanking story of someone’s wildest fantasies drawn as only a dedicated manga/hentai artists could! I got off on it, I hope you good folk do too! Click image below for the full story.


More to come, spanking wise… very soon, I promise 🙂

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  1. tim tim

    John hope you are better this rotten weather doesnt help,yes the girls in beach volleyball pat each others bottoms when they win a point ,yes Sarah G.has nice girl girl spankings and Firm Hand spanking has 2 girls playing spanks ,best from,Tim.

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