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  • Something to start the week

    Something to start the week

    After the Adriana Evans Week it’s time for a quick review of some recent and not so recent spanking updates from a few sites I think you should check out! So without wasting any more time, here are some intesresting and varied films typical of the few sites I recommend […]

  • Adriana Week at Cheerleader Spankings

    Adriana Week at Cheerleader Spankings

    We’ve made it to the final installmemnt of “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and this was with the new addition yesterday at Cheerleader Spankings. The previous roles for Adriana shown were all as a “sub”, but she is an accomplished “switch” too. So, in this cheerleader tale, co-starring another equally alluring and […]

  • Adriana Week at Sarah Gregory Spanking

    Adriana Week at Sarah Gregory Spanking

    We’re well into “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and we’re now over halfway with the new addition yesterday at Sarah Gregory Spanking. So here is the third of the four films now available. The last two were mother/daughter themes… this one is similar… it’s just the M/F version – “Daddy/Daughter” which […]

  • Adriana Evans Week

    Adriana Evans Week

    Across the entire network this week, 4 new films starring one of our favorite models, Adriana Evans, are goiong to be shown throughout the week. I will bring you updates of each as soon as I can. However, you will be able to see her appear at the following sites, I […]

  • Spanking Blitz

    Spanking Blitz

    A futile attempt, I know, but I aim to catch up as best I can in between my hectic work schedule and travels, so while I have a few moments… please do go check out these rather awesome spanking sites that I have featured below for you today in a […]

  • Clare Fonda Wheelbarrow Spankings

    Clare Fonda Wheelbarrow Spankings

    In a bid to catch up, starting today with the most recent film to come out from AAA Spanking – you’ll see is quite a coup! Finally, Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster from her own fetish and cougar porn website) makes a rare appearance for the SG network and a first at AAA… […]

  • Adriana Evans Week!

    Adriana Evans Week!

    Across the entire network next week, 4 new films starring one of our favorite models, Adriana Evans, will be showing throughout the week. You will be able to see her appear at the following sites, I think, in the following order of appearance: MOMMA SPANKINGS SARAH GREGORY SPANKING AAA SPANKING CHEERLEADER […]

  • Midweek Spankings

    Midweek Spankings

    Wow, middle of the week already and we’re almost a week into September? I have been so busy recently with lots of travel and filming that time has literally flown by (Thanks to Southwest airlines) at times that  I didn’t even know what day it was! So after a wonderful […]

  • More CF Spanking Updates

    More CF Spanking Updates

    I’m on a tight schedule so I just wanted to get this next round of updates out to you all. To those I know and those unlucky enough to have been caught up in the path of Hurricane Harvey – and in particular my friends in the Houston area, stay […]

  • Monday Bank Holiday Spanking Update

    Monday Bank Holiday Spanking Update

    Hello… sorry for the delay in getting back here. It’s been a busy few weeks, lots of travel, filming and lots of sightseeing. We’re on the last leg of our trip before we return to New England so as I checked my vanilla social media I realized that “back home” […]

  • Quick Spanking Update!

    Quick Spanking Update!

    It gets kinda difficult to keep up withthe blog even if it isn’t far from my mind. I have been traveling and filming so much content including a few custom shoots (in between visiting friends in Florida). I’m now on the other side of the USA… where i will be […]

  • Spankings Spanking Spanked Spank!

    Spankings Spanking Spanked Spank!

    I think this spanking post title is self explanitary for you all to see that there are lots of spankings in store… I’m at #Fetishcon. It’s baking here in Florida (and humid as hell, yuk!) – so I came in from my first peaceful day here by the pool to […]

  • Catching Up with more Spanking Updates

    Catching Up with more Spanking Updates

    As usual, I have been so fricking busy, we had a ridiculously intricate and unecessarily complicated custom shoot this past weekend, but I think we managed to pull it off. We had a 3 hour window to make this but it ended up being more like four and a half […]

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