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I’ve had a bit of a problem with my connection as I mentioned previously, so apologies for the sporadic posts this past week… there’s a lot to get through so I’m going to start the catch up with my new film now showing (with the concluding part to Webcam Hustlers added at the same time) starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone as 2 very bad volleyball girls letting down my team by getting sent off early for fighting and losing the team the game without them there… they’ve been sent to cool down and I have no intention of letting them get away with this outrage… a good old fashioned slippering and a caning for both girls in front of each other is the only thing they’ll learn if they want to avoid incurring the wrath of their very pissed off coach! Images below are both HQ stills and screen shots from the movie which will more than show you all what happens to these two!


Image04 Image08


Image15 Image25


Image35 Image38

Image43 Image46

Amelia & Molly were coach Osborne’s best players so he was furious when both girls got sent off for fighting in a vital game which his team lost due to their thoughtless actions. Both girls were sent to cool down after the game as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses we are sure you will enjoy viewing! However, Osborne had further plans for these 2 as only he knews how as there were more things he wasn’t happy about with the way the girls dressed provocatively on court causing him embarrassment from complaints he had received. he decided they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard old fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry!


Some interesting facts behind this film: I had been let down with a purchase of some really HOT authentic girl’s volleyball uniforms, I am at some point going to try again as I bought the tight fitting red lycra shorts as a last minute back up (fortunately) and asked the girls to bring white tops so we kind of got away with it, but still… if you compare this to the actual uniforms then there’s quite a difference… that’s the niggling perfectionist in me, I suppose. At least I managed to get a genuine volleyball as a prop… lol! The shorts also showed off the girls camel toes and I ad libbed this into the film (heh heh!) This film was also done late in the day and we were all feeling a little tired so some attention to detail didn’t always come off, I would have chosen another location for this scene but it would have meant humping the cams and equipment all over the place so we stayed put (sorry). However, I did like the use of the spanking bench matching the girls red shorts for the stretching scenes! Apologies for the half hearted moustache on my part, this was filmed early November and i was growing this for the “Movember” charity event (raising cash for cancer charities in the UK) so it was a good cause but never again for me… I’m not destined to wear a ‘tache, I’m afraid 🙂

You can see a free clip of this new film HERE

The full 21 minute movie is already available at the clips store in full glorious MP4-HD!
Click image below for more details:



Oops! I promised you more updates, didn’t I? I will have to do this tomorrow as I just had a very long Skype chat with family which broke up my post here and it’s rather late in the evening and I’m tired so will do that tomorrow. Sorry… least I have time to think about what I want to write up about… so until then, take care and I hope your weekend, wherever you are, is going well!

Regards, Chief.

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