Mashing the Milk Maid

Hello again!
I’m so sorry about going public on my feelings last time… I didn’t mean to unload as much as that… I was feeling a little down (understatement) at the time… so this post is mighty quick and to the point as I shall be away travelling all day and won’t be able to post much although I can check my mails and such en route as I will be off to France in around 8 hours to the snow covered Alps for one last ski and of course a visit to the grand children which I am looking forward to… even if it costs us a small fortune to get there for the time we are there – I’m there until Friday and Er Indoors stays another week – so every cloud n all that (lol!), eh?

So here is my latest film coming out at AAA Spanking on Wednesday, I shall upload the files that make this film active when I am in France (all the content and data is already uploaded in case the net connection is total pants … but here’s a sneak preview of what happens to naughty milk maids that think they can fool the farmers that employ them… Danielle messed with the wrong “yokel” when he caught her repeatedly slacking!

This film has some great use of a nasty heavy 3 tailed leather strap only ever previously used across unlucky Jenna Jay’s behind in that ransom video… it’s particularly vicious and unforgiving on any unprepared or unspanked area and will welt at will! Danielle’s bottom was so sore she was practically in her sub space at the time of filming 😉

milkmaid03 milkmaid06


milkmaid10 milkmaid13


milkmaid38 milkmaid41


milkmaid50 milkmaid63


milkmaid75 milkmaid80

This is the blurb below that will explain the movie, it’s about 15 minutes long as I recall… and has 3 distinct parts, the daisy duke shorts which dani was practically popping out of (heh heh) and the spanking over my lap, then the punishment bent over with her bare bottom fully exposed getting strapped and cropped before I took pity on her and gave her cheeks a thorough soothing rub with plenty of cream which I helped to rub in… lingeringly (is there such a word?). Anyway, it was all good!!!

milkmaid32Danielle needed a change of scenery and left the bright lights of the city for an easy sleepy life in the rural countryside but little did she know how hard the locals worked and toiled and they also had their own ways of dealing with those that wouldn’t behave or perform as expected! So imagine when Danielle was caught slacking yet again, this time wearing ridiculous attire and avoiding the important duties of milking the cows. The busy farmer had a short sharp shock reminder for her as he hauled her across his lap for a humiliating bare bottom spanking, cropping & heavy 3 tailed leather strapping that she wouldn’t forget in a hurry! Young Miss Hunt would do well to remember that Countryfolk never take kindly to city slickers that think they are above a bit of hard decent graft! Contains scenes of OTK spanking, the leather crop & a heavy 3 tailed strap on the bare bottom followed by gratuitous use of soothing lotion afterwards!
OK, gotta go, I’m being called to bed as we get up at 7am and it’s already waaaay past 1!!! oops!
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