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Mr C, the lucky partner of Pandora was the excellent dom in this great domestic movie featuring Miss Smith.
Miss Smith, known to many as a stern mistress and an excellent domme in her own right
(featuring in many of our recent productions) also acts beautifully n this film about a new couple discovering secrets of each other.

From telling her new lover and partner that she has a spanking fetish would be a difficult thing to do in real life.
Imagine the rejection or disgust, or the thrill of having a partner that would understand and encourage this!

These are the dilemmas that Miss Smith faces in this movie and then when her secret is out she plays a dangerous game.
Winding Mr C up is not recommended and it is safe to say that Miss Smith’s bottom ends up a lovely shade of red!
Enjoy….Chief. 😀

I  have just added a brand new Gallery, this is the FIRST place to show this Gallery (see link below)
I should know, as I just finished the blooming thing! 😀

“Wind Up” – Starring Miss Smith & Mr Cameron

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  1. glaxo49 glaxo49

    Great photo set would love 2 see more photo sets and clips of miss smith getting spanked caned etc with her panties pulled down exposing her mature jewels a lot more of miss smith please.

  2. Indeed, we were very happy that Miss Smith, who is a fiercesome Domme, also enjoys switching.
    She does have a fine set of mature buttocks that can take quite a spanking and caning.
    I promise to find more content with her in before the month’s end, thanks for your comments.

  3. glaxo49 glaxo49

    Thank you chief for your reply I shall really be looking forward to seeing more of Miss Smith displaying her buttocks for a spanking and caning it is really nice to have a mature domme switching it’s a pity a few more of your female domme don’t switch there is one or two I would love to see being disciplined any way lots more free stuff of Miss Smith.

  4. Miss Smith did a few great Domestic films on SpankingDigital.
    She also did one I recall being Headmistress where she punishes the girls first…..
    But then Headmaster gives her bottom a thrashing for the Disarray of the School!
    Think that’s on Spankedschoolgirl, I’ll try to find some links pics etc when I have time!

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