More of Russian Nataskia – as promised!

I said I’d find more of this jiggly, wobblesome bottom and, boy, do those cheeks get thrashed!

It features myself and my colleague, who are owners of the innovatve new Fat Camp for ladies who should know better! Finding us on our website

By shaming and grooming our female clients over time with exercise and abuse we achieve results in less time. In this movie, “THE SLIMMING SCHOOL”, we see 2 girls, Nataskia and Cat (who is dealt with by my esteemed colleague). Assessing their needs we take them out for a bracing work out, obviously we are fine specimens of health in our tight shorts as well, LOL!

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Click on the thumbnails below to see a few pics of us chastising the girls. I have also included a clip of me belittling Nataskia in her first outdoor exercise as I take advantage of her wobblesome features!

f11.jpg f46.jpg f49.jpg

f53.jpg f61.jpg 

f70.jpg f74.jpg f65.jpg

The Final 3 pics are of Cat so you can see what lovely chunky bottoms we had to discipline! Below the FREE CLIP that I have provided for you (which is in Real Player format) is an old Gallery. However, ignore the film title which has a typo error as it has laughably the title ”The Sliming School” (sic)

Maybe we were a bit slimey with these poor unfortunate girls, as we got to grips with their wide behinds, lovely! The clip below is just to gauge Nataskia’s wobblesome buttocks, the real spanking, strapping and caning follow later of course! Don’t forget to RIGHT CLICK and “save target as…” Still, I hope you enjoy the clip for what it is…..  😀

Click to Play

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