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My Moment of Weakness

I was trawling through some old clips I had from GirlsBoardingSchool earlier today and also found this delightful blonde model.
Hearing her cry out and seeing her lovely welted bum was too much and I wondered if anyone else had seen more of her work on the web?
You can tell she’s been worked hard as her buttocks are really starting to welt, probably filmed at about 4 o’clock, LOL.
I would love her to come work for us, I’d have her over my knee in seconds 😉

Anyway, here are a few choice vid grabs and the link to the 4 FREE Movie clips are below.



Enjoy, and don’t foget to tell me or provide links if she’s been in a lot of stuff elsewhere, thanks.


  1. John John

    This girl has a really delightful pair of buttock cheeks and I don’t think she has been dealt with at all severely enough.

  2. Trust me, from experience of filming girls, she’s been worked on.
    There is no point thrashing a model to within an inch of her life when she will be unable to take any further punishment for the day.
    Unless of course it is the last shoot of the day and the Dom thinks, “what the hell…try it another level up”
    Spanking Models (attractive ones at least) aren’t cheap, so we all want to make use of thrashing their arses on film as much as possible!
    Looking at those caning welts, it’s getting close to the end of the day’s filming as some marks are starting to bruise her pert buttocks!

    We usually try to thrash a model as severely as possible to her limits she’s ascribed to us in the final hours of a shoot.
    Often the best footage is then taken, like this lovely blondie from GBS.
    Thanks for your comments, though.

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