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Russian Discipline Movie “Klafelin”

Russian Discipline
Russian Discipline, as the name suggests is about discipline from the Easterm Bloc with plenty of wannabe Russian models to choose from. The download quality is very good (approx 1000kbs+ playback) and around an hour in length with a plausible plot, it was the plot which interested me as something similar happened to me many years ago in Prague when some bint drugged me and stole my money… tsk tsk!
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Ths movie is called “Klafelin” named after the drug of choice used by unscrupulous people and prostitutes to knock people out so they can be robbed in their sleep.
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This movie plot basically comes from a true story which I can well believe which took place in Moscow. Two prostitutes almost killed two clients after spiking their drinks with Klafelin. The unfortunate guys never did find those responsible so decided to take their revenge on other women in this unfortunate trade.
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2 Victims are picked up and then after some play are forced to strip & endure a humiliating and cruel punishment as each are tied up and whipped and caned in front of the other. Just by looking at these pics, if you know anything about Russian girls, that sweat pouring off them will most definitely be pungent with their FEAR! 

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Their ordeal only ends once their bottomsare red raw and they are both weeping, it’s quite a visualand moving film not forthe faint hearted. You can click on the link below which has a gallery from the film as these pictures also tell part of the story, take a look and I can recommend that if you are into seeing this type of humiliating and graphic punishment then you will not be disappointed.
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Obviously if you are not into such punishments then do NOT click on the link below!
For everyone else CLICK HERE
Click to visit Russian Discipline
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