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Catherine Corbet’s FIRST NEW Spanking Content online NOW

At last, the first clips from her spanking movie are up at SPANKINGONLINE 

Click here to access more content 

Simply Called: “The Truant Vol 1” it’s a hard domestic spanking of errant schoolgirl, Catherine.
Click on the mailer below for more.
I have also added EXCLUSIVELY a very short clip of her getting spanked in this very film above that!

Click here for Movie Clip





  1. Chief, is the video LAN better than the latest version of Media Player. I have the
    lates version of Media, should i try something else? I really believe it is my
    computer?? I didnt download the player in the link you sent me…(lan) is it safe do
    you know? Most vids on the net play ok in Media for me, but all the spanking clips
    here are scattered or broken up. I am now afraid if i join SOL i will get the same
    thing? Hmmmmm, i have been a member before with SOL and had no trouble playing back
    the vids, but since High Def has come out, i cant play them?

    Can you suggest anything?

    PS…sorry to bother you about this!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with downloading the VLAN player. It’s absolutely safe.
    I use it occasionally and it’s fine. It’s a back up for me.
    I only suggested it as you are having problems.
    When you say you have the latest version of Media Player, is that 10 or 11?
    Also, I assume you are using Windows XP? (not Mac I hope as that’s a whoile different thing!)
    I have WM version 10 and it’s fine. I haven’t upgraded to 11 (think it’s out but I never trust Microsoft as they always have bugs in them until it’s been out for quite a while)
    Sounds like you may have a problem when you uploaded the player?
    You can always uninstall it (in the remove hardware/software section) then go to Microssoft’s download page and then download WM version 10 again if you want.

    If by some chance you have Mac, I think their WM player only works up to version 7 if your Mac is old (OS9)
    You’ll need to get a new PC probably in that case 🙁

    Windows Media is now the default player by choice of adult sites as it offers so much more.

  3. Chief, i have Media Player 11. I could uninstall it and see what happens. I just dont understand why it (media player)
    works fine all over the net but here?? Is there a difference playing the clips here as opposed to playing the clips when
    i join SOL?

    I tried right clicking and saving target as, but still played back scattered for me…

    Oh well, i am getting a new computer i believe very soon, dual port, should be able to launch the space shuttle
    with this one…*wink wink*


  4. Chief, me…..again!
    I went to SOL, clicked on the “free” clips and they played just fine, after they loaded completely! Go figure eh?

    I get confused with this computer stuff!


  5. Wierd, at least you know your Media Player will work at SOL.
    It’s just a matter of getting to save the clip to your PC as if you just hit and play the clips here or at SOL it’s only playing from your temp folder.
    Also my blog may have bandwidth restrictions which might be affecting playback moreso if you try to stream it.
    No such thing at our sites of course, just remember to save the clips or content to your PC first (save target as)
    If you cannot do this at SOL as well, you will need to ensure that the right click function is enabled in the tools menu somewhere, however, I’m getting a headache – as i’m no techy. 🙂

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