Being Spanked Whilst Surfing the Crimson Wave

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I’m killing 2 birds with one stone as I have featured the delightful Paula from Poland.
I promised to feature her way back with our other fine Polish girls we were lucky enough to film.
But I am also covering the topic of girls who are spanked whilst it is that “time of month”.
Or “When the painters are in”…”on the blob” etc etc to coin but a few undignified phrases.

Paula from Poland

Paula was only about 5ft tall and had the most delightful labia that drooped in shame when she was spanked and caned throughout the day.
However, along with her very prominent labia was the fact that it was her time of the month.
She basically hid most of the mouse tail but every now and then it would appear as she was bent over awkwardly…to be caned, for example.
I asked her later if being caned during that “time of month” made the pain seem more intense.
From past experience, I know that different women could be affected by the hormones raging through their body.
However, for Paula, she couldn’t feel much difference (some women feel pain much more intensely, others less so)
I’d be interested to know what you ladies think when it’s that time of month……(leave a comment if you wish)
So no breaking news there, but it was a delight to know that she was going through this “period” and I must say she was very composed.

Unlike my Missus, who, if I go near her at this time of month, just growls uncontrollably and gives me hell.
I leave her to drink her bottles of Pinot Grigio and watch the Soaps on the telly, knowing that the cane awaits her impudence soon enough!  😀


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3 thoughts on “Being Spanked Whilst Surfing the Crimson Wave

  1. Brad


    THANKYOU, and wouldnt it be nice to see the irrate teacher reach down and “pull” out that tampon string
    for some more humiliation? Hey, i sent a link from this blog to my friend in British Columbia and told him
    about the tampon and spanking…..HE IS JOINING SOL right away…he loves this scenario as well.

    Anyway chief, did you think about a scene where the girl “wets” herself , even a little, in fright as she is being
    spanked?…perhaps in her panties?

    Thanks again, awesome, cute, Paula is wonderful. ( and very naughty)


  2. Spank Chief Post author

    I know we have done plenty of toilet scenes where the girl is so nervous that she has to spend time “on the pot”….

    Did I mention that we did a scene (which I’m sure will come out soon on our sites…don’t worry I’ll make sure you all know aboit it)
    It’s with Catherine Corbet who is forced to wash her knickers, I got to the shoot half way through this scene being shot (thanks to traffic)
    So am not 100% sure why she “had” to wash them…lol

    I’ll pass on your comments to Webmaster as I know we are buying new schoolgirl classroom sets/desks etc
    So expect plenty more schoolgirl humiliation and spanking coming up at the next shoot! I’m sure we could do a knicker wetting scene! 😀

  3. Brad

    Ohhhhh, yesssssssssss! A knicker wetting scene? I am SO into seeing that!
    Would love to see a scene where
    the naughty schoolgirl has to “pull” her panties forward, and we have a view down into her panties with some panty stains
    along with a view of her vagina! That would be simply splendid. (then of course a good spanking by the irrate teaher) Thanks SO much chief for putting a word in for me at
    the webmaster about the ideas.


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