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Fantastic FREE Spanking Movie Clip – Available here FIRST!

Dr Cameron’s Discipline – The great new update from SPANKINGDIGITAL is out now for members.
What you can see HERE is the first FREE movie clip of this film found anywhere on the Net.
How? I just made the clip and Free Hosted Gallery myself for our Affiliates, so once again, SpankingBlogg gives you the first inside news!

Dr Cameron isn’t taking any nonsense from Pandora or Catherine by their feeble attempt to defraud the health care system.
These naughty girls have 1 week of Community Service to go, but decide to get out of it by faking injuries.
The Doc goes through the motions to see if they have a case but he knows deep down they’re faking.
Being a secret spanko from South Africa, he uses their stupidity to get his kicks off spanking and strapping these girls.
Their alternative is a custodial sentence if they dare tell so the Doc gets to satisfy his spanking yearning again!
See the hard spanking clip of Pandora below.

This movie is out NOW at

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