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Mucky Lesbian Lovers Spanked & Caned!

Oh my, is this a right dirty mucky spanking film from the SOL Crew!!!!
The First Hi Res Update of this movie in FULL Screen Glory is up at SPANKINGMAGS
And to let you in on the action I have prepared an EXCLUSIVE Free Movie clip so you can see what it’s about!

Caned Lesbians at SpankingMags

The movie is entitled “Caned Lesbians” and it starts with the 2 luscious girls exploring each other in intimate detail.
Drinking from each others wet pussies the smell of their lust and excitement is overpowering!
Just as they are reaching their first of hopefully many climaxes – hubby walks in discovering this scene!

Caned Lesbians  Caned Lesbians

Needless to say he is far from impressed, no matter how sexy it might look.
That brunette is his damned wife and she’s been slurping her girlfriend’s anus for goodness sake!
The clip I have provided shows the first scenes of them both being spanked OTK after their mucky session.
Imagine their dripping cunnies over his knee….I was at this film shoot, and it was HOT, I can tell you!!!!!

Caned Lesbians  Caned Lesbians

As the title suggests, these girls are also caned severely.
So they experience the FULL emotions of pleasure and pain!
Both I and the webmaster are promoting this here and on the SpankingOnline Blog
Take a look, between us - our Blogs have lots of content found no where else, or at least found FIRST before anyone else! 😉

and now….click below to enjoy the Hi Res clip taken from the movie “Caned Lesbians”

Right click and save


  1. OK, haven’t seen it in your copy a few times, I just *have* to ask. What do you think a girl could possibly slurp from another’s anus? That’s not the place girls lick when they go down on each other, trust me.

  2. LOL – It’s just buzz words we at SOL use sometimes.
    We even got Miss Smith to try and say it in our last film shoot with Catherine Corbett (we wanted her to say drink from your anus)
    However, it took about 3 or 4 takes and she fell about laughing so toned it down to “suck her arse” (I think)
    It’s just us dumb blokes and our stupid fantasies, innit?
    Imagine if that was how it happened! Good God!!!
    God knows when we started saying things like “drink from her anus” etc…it’s a sort of themed in joke we use!

    However, I can confirm there is lapping & rimming involved though, with some slurpy noises in this movie!
    These girls were really into that sort of thing…(they’re American, after all, LOL) 😉

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