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Punishment in the Russian Bath House

Russian Discipline Film no.9

Severe Russian Discipline once again in this typically sadistic film.

This film is an absolute must for Lovers of seeing girls play with each other then punished ruthlessly by a sadistic Dom.
In this case, 3 lovely girls are playing with each other’s bodies (graphically shown) and are caught by their Gangster Boss.
This is ably played by the muscle bound, sadistic Sergei, star of many of Russian Discipline’s male dom roles!
These girls and their madam are mercilessly belted, strapped and one is tied to the bench while this goes on.
Check out the bountiful FREE Galleries AND FREE clip for Movie Number 9, I have provided a couple of pics myself to whet your appetite!
The movie is approx an hour long and in a very good quality playback – MY choice of the week!!!! (so far)  😀

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Click on the FREE Pics from the Movie below

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Click here for the movie


  1. Brad Brad

    At Discipline in Russia, # 7, when it is time for the cute blonde to be spanked
    it looks like..( from the free pics) that she “wets” herself. Look closely at the
    close shot of her vagina, it looks like pee! OH MY! Got to get that one!

    Do you know if she did or not? It doesnt say anything in the description at the site
    but i am almost sure she did wet herself. I hope to see MORE of this scenario, soon!
    I hope!


  2. I will take a look at their other movies and see what I can find out.

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