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Sasha Harvey, one of my favourite spanko’s is back filming with us at SPANKINGONLINE
This full on life styler can take a lot of hard punishment many lesser mortals would shy away from!
She isn’t satisfied until we’ve made sure her lovely wobbly buttocks are swollen and red!

Take a look at the latest film just out this week where Miss Smith has the pleasure of strapping her.
Love the location as well – the padded Punishment Room, where no one can here her cry!

I’m also thinking of doing a model profile of my favourite spanking models across many websites:
Sasha will definitely be on there, if any of you have any requests then leave a comment.
I will try my best to put this up in the future but need names of those you’d love to see  😀


  1. klapkaj klapkaj

    What a great idea, favourite models from spanking sites. My list of favourites would include:

    Kara Jayne who has to be THE best spanking model of all time anywhere. A fantastic bum and body

    Elizabeth Simpson who excelled herself in Caned Cheeks & others. HEr reactions to the cane are perfect.

    Victoria who featured in SOL a few years ago and is fantastic

    Sara from The Cellar Room, probably THE best caning movie you have ever made

    The painfully thin girl from End of Term Report whose cunt dripped whilst she was strapped

    Nicky Monfort who takes the most severe beatings stoically

    Will that do for a start?

  2. Very good choices, I can see I will have my work cut out!
    Let’s hope not too many people get their codes shared with foolish usernames and leave me more time to work on my Blog in piece! LOL
    I would also include Debbie Fraser, an American girl we shot in 2004 who had a most wonderful chunky bottom and who took quite a caning from me! 🙂
    Her films include Debbie Discovers, 4 pm Appointment, Debbie’s Demise (available on Digi and FetFlixx from memory)
    Keep those suggestions coming in….

  3. Brad Brad

    Dam, a clip of a girls cunt dripping while being strapped! I have GOT to hunt
    that one down. I may have seen that movie, but dont remember a dripping pussy! Hmmmm

    Maybe i didnt watch closely enough!


  4. Ah, that would be Emily in “End of Term Reports”
    I’m sure there’s a few clips/pics of her on SOL from 2003 archives.
    Also I was the dom with her in a horrible film called “Emily’s Slippering”. (2004)
    I forcably finger fucked her after she was caught dripping on my knee giving her an OTK at the time!!!

    I’m sure both these films are at in FULL with clips etc at SOL.

    She admitted to us that she was sexually excited by the caning and slippering, hence her dripping cunny!
    A bizarre girl, though…I’ll definitely feature her at some time in a spanking model profile/review.

  5. Brad Brad

    Chief, what was i thinking, YES, i remember that movie! Of course. I think in it, she was dripping fluid from
    her vagina and you asked “do you need the toilet”? right? Very hot stuff, i love the humiliation stuff along
    with the spanking aspect of these movies. Spanking is nice, but would love to see more humiliation in some.
    ie: tampons, dripping, dirty knickers….etc…

    Question? In Emilys slippering, did she leave a wet spot on your knee from her fluid while over your knee?
    Was there a movie or was it just pictures? Sorry to bother you so much Chief, i am SO into see more of this cute lil
    Thanks so much,


  6. Yes she most certainly did!
    I haven’t seen that film in ages – it’s definitely on the 2004 archives at SpankingDigital
    I can’t even remember why I was supposed to humiliate her with my fingers, something to do with punishment.
    I might have to look it up – I do remember the punishment was OTT due to her shaming Uncle by stealing apples from next door!!! LOL
    Her slippers she brought were ridged and I can ytell you they bloomin well stung her small behind!

  7. klapkaj klapkaj

    Thanks for the reminder, I had competely forgotten Emily’s Slippering. I found it in my archives and have just enjoyed it again. ABout a third of the way through you take her pyjama trousers off and spread her legs wide with her thighs astride your knee and her cunt on your thigh. As you continue smacking her sore buttocks her cunt starts to glisten and oozes juices as she becomes aroused. You asked if she wanted the toilet and then you made her place her hands on the mantelpiece and slippered her bare bottom hard. At the end of this she was dripping and you asked what it was, made her kneel and fingered her cunt first with one finger deep inside. Then you slid two in her cunt and finger fucked her slowly at first and then faster until she came, obviously enjoying every second of it. What a great video, Brad would love it. It would be nice to see more of Emily despite her painfully thin thighs, she is so obviously addicted to punsihment.

  8. Brad Brad

    klapkaj, yes, i certainly would love it! Thanks, going to hunt it up ASAP. Whewwww, i love the “dripping”/spanking
    stuff soooooooooo much and of course the fingering part! More more more more….lol


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