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When Loving Spankings Go Wrong!

I always find this a fascinating subject when playful or even sexual spanking session goes too far!

Brutal Spankings

Imagine that you have both talked on the phone and are horny as hell, you are both into spanking and that’s going to play a major role in your foreplay later.
So there is the scenario, she’s dripping and aching to get home, the young stud has severe wood at the prospect of rutting her too!
Such is the case of this story ably told by Loni and her boyfriend, she has been winding him up ALL Day and knows she’s gonna get it all ways!!!!

Loni can't wait

However, such is the sexual tension and the state that her fine beau has been wound up to the extreme, he cannot control his primitive urges anymore….
With increasing strength he paws at her naked dripping pussy and arse cheeks then starts crudely slapping her, lightly and playfully at first.
Loni is turned on by this and can’t resist dipping fingers into her gooey hole to bring on her first climax!
Spurred on by her excitement, he grapples with her cheeks then really starts to spank hard as Loni yelps out first in pleasure but then in pain.
Her cries of pain only encourage him more and her poor buttocks start to take a pounding from his hands.

Another Brutal Spanking which you can see the Gallery of HERE


Brutal Spankings is definitely worth a look if you’re into spanking with a sexual, submissive twist!
It has plenty of much ruder stuff with a heavy sexual innuendo, if you’re interested, I may take a look at my hard drive and see what else I have stored!
Regards, Chief  😀

Brutal Spankings

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