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18 & Slippered! They thought they were beyond all that nonsense!

I just had to share this mailer I did earlier as it captures my general mood at the moment!
It’s a Friday night, I’m stuck indoors and I’ve had far too much red wine to care.
“Er indoors”  has actually gone out for the evening to some stuffy jazz  “do”  that I refused to attend.
She isn’t talking to me anyway – as I slippered her last night for burning the chicken dinner.
She accepted her punishment with my favourite plimsoll but today she’s had a right shitty-on about it.
Probably to do with being uncomfortable sitting at work as she texted me during the day.
Anyway, whilst I was searching for data for a new gallery, this film reminded me of what I was like last night and I couldn’t help but laugh. 


















It’s actually a damn good slippering film. You might have guessed by now that the “slipper” is my favourite instrument of correction  😀
The artwork I did for it kind of reflected my mood yesterday, full of wrath…heh heh, I am a naughty boy sometimes!
The missus will be back soon, probably hungry for love and i’ll be a dribbling mess, oh the joys of drinking.
I have eddittted edited this about 4 times now, heh heh!
However, I hope you all enjoy this Gallery, I remember it being filmed first thing in the morning and this really woke up the girls.
They soon learned to LOATHE that slipper, lol! ALL HAIL THE SLIPPER!

Happy weekend to you all, Chief.   🙂

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  1. GrandPa Rod GrandPa Rod

    Oh yes I recall the slipper from my younger days! I took great delight in seeing a chubby girl being bent over , gym knickers streched across her broad bottom and the heavy thud as the slipper impacted her behind. I could not take my eyes of the way her buttocks seemed to move and wobble as her slippering continued. I only wished I had been privy to seeing the state of her cheeks after the slippering but alas male and female could not enter respective changing rooms (not without me trying though he he he) I did see the top of her legs were red raw at the end and the poor girl was in floods of tears hardly or unable to control the pain she must have felt. I myself have given the slipper to a number of ladies in later life. Mainly whore like types who sell their “spanking” services for outragiouse prices! But the last laugh is always on Grand Pa as I certainly get my moneys worth! No small talk with me im afraid and im usually quite angry anyway after handing over half my pension for an hours worth of discipline to a woman that no doubt probably deserves a damn good hiding. The last lady (whore) left with both cheeks red raw and deeply bruised from the half hour non stop slippering I gave her. Taught her a lesson or 2 about ripping of pensioners I tell you! I still smile when I think of her red raw lobster color bottom with more than a few penneth worths of pride at my handy work. Grand Pa

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