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EXCLUSIVE Early Photos from our Latest Film Shoot

These are unedited (but re-sized) pics from the latest film shoot we did.
This features the lovely Carla, a new girl to our sites. From what I’ve seen of the unedited data, this was a cracking film.
Carla takes a damned good slippering, may I also say “thank you” to Aegean, who ably dommed for us yet again.

Quote of the day came from Aegean
“If I slipper you now, I’ll blither your behind badly, so I’m popping off for a soothing cuppa tea.
Then when I’ve calmed down I’ll come back in 30 minutes and then I’ll give you your slippering”

Good humour mixed with good old fashioned British Justice!
Take a look at the pics below, edited pics similar to these will definitely be up at SpankedSchoolgirl sometime this weekend.
Click on each thumbnail to get the larger pic.
I must admit I haven’t seen Carla at any other sites, but if anyone else has, be nice to post me a link!
Another online spanking virgin, perhaps?  🙂




  1. brad brad

    She is adorable, very nice ginny, and love the way she is made to pull her panties
    down. Naughty girl.


  2. GrandPa GrandPa

    My oh my how did I miss this one! Very authentic imagery almost as it used to be. Sufficiently grim surroundings , girl bent over the desk, bottom exposed just enough for the headmaster to take good aim at her nethers. It would be nice to see the results of the slipper ? A real slippererin would leave the bottom swollen red bruised maybe the imprints of the slipper also. But if not they are still superb pictures. If I was to slipper a school girl under my charge I would give no less than 30 VERY HARD whacks with the slipper. Each one would be as hard as Granpa could make them! Extra whacks added if she moved or sobbed to much. Trust me I may look old but there is some swing left in this old dogs arm yet LOL (As the working spanking girls I have given a hiding to will testify!) No if it was me in those pics the girl would already be in a total mess, bottom and all upper thighs would be deep red and VERY swollen. Nice also to see that her fron privates seem covered. Chastisment is not after all there to fully humiliate but to correct. I do see some of her parts but sadly and with regret this has to be expected and schoolgirl worth her salt will respect this. Well done Cheif!
    GranPa – p.s Ladies from my area Wiltshire get in touch (NO FEES) but can conjour a pot of tea and sandwhiches to discuss what discipline you may need. GranPa72

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