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SpankMyBottom announce all NEW Films in HI RES Playback!

Free content here

Just another update and an important news reminder for those with a SpankmyBottom or SpankPass membership.
SMB has now started to upload all of Elizabeth’s new content in HI RES 1500kbs Wmv playback.
This will start with the NEW Movie “American Paddle” which is out now to download.

I have also re shown the Gallery below as there was a problem which I’ve sorted with the last few FREE PICS.
Take a look again, and enjoy what will become another classic Elizabeth Simpson film!
The latest SAMPLER Clip of this movie is on the home page for you to download in 1500kbs HERE

Check out the Gallery below



  1. Adrian Adrian

    If you shot the original Rosaleen vids in HR, and are able to redo them in HR, I would gladly subscribe again. The originals are pretty good, but they’re too small, and that combined with heavy bit-reduction resulted in vids that lacked crisp detail.

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  2. I know that we have occassionally brought out a re-mastered Rosaleen film, but even though the quality is better, it is STILL restricted by the cameras used at the time.
    Although the cameras were state of the art in 2002/03 when we first started filming Rosaleen, compared to what you can get today, the quality is noticeable when you play back at a higher resolution.
    Saying that, at FetishFlixx there are Rosaleen videos that we have remastered and they look great.

    SMB now just has the largest archive of Rosaleen Young material while rumours surrounding the sightings of Rosaleen in retirement from the spanking scene abound!
    Some say she has gone to America, others say Australia…wherever she now is, we wish her well.

  3. You should check out many of the older Rosaleen Young Vids have been re edited at 1500kbs wmv format which gives very good playback. Sadly when we shot Rosaleen Young vids a few years back HD cams were out of our budget as they were the new kid on the block. Things are changing fast though 😉


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