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FREE to enter SpankingBlogg Competion – Win a Week’s FREE Access to SpankPass!

The SpankingOnline Webmaster & myself were larking about on Photoshop & came up with this.
Here’s a FREE Competition , just enter how many of Ellie Maye’s globes you can see on display before we caned her!
See below for Competion rules.

Guess how many globes are on display

Definition – By globe I mean a cheek, so if you see any part of her cheeks then count it.
Competition rules: You can only leave one comment with the amount of globes you see (eg 24 globes).
Please ensure you have a valid email address so I can contact the winner.
Webmaster & myself have gone blind counting the number of cheeks so we’ve agreed on an amount - if yours agrees with us, you’re a winner.
Please check any previous comments – as any repeats will not count, whoever guesses correctly with our total the first time will win.
This competiton is open for 2 weeks to ensure everyone has a fair shot.
My decision is final, so don’t go telling me it’s actually another amount, even if it is, we have a number, now you attempt to agree with ours.
I will inform the winner and announce them on here on May 14 2007.

Get counting, folks!  😉

Good luck - you’ll have a real valid membership and this is a great chance to visit the sites!  😀


  1. Harika Harika

    I count 109 bared globes. Do I win ?

  2. brad brad

    Ok, it looks to me to be about “60” nice bottoms.


  3. Hello Chief

    What a fabulous competition!

    Well, I managed a pretty impresive 69 – probably over done, but hey, i enjoyed the counting.

    Another matter; I expect i’m going to sound like an ungrateful and impatient git here but, how much longer have we got to wait to see that rude Miss Katie receive what she clearly deserves?


  4. I believe I’ve counted 85 globes, and boy was it fun doing it.

  5. PietraS PietraS

    I’ve counted 88 very nice globes! Great fun! 😉

  6. Prefectdt Prefectdt

    An eye splitting 91 in my opion.

    Just one question. Was this competition sponsored by a group of eye laser surgeons seeking more work?


  7. ian ian

    Great competition, I go with 41 Beautiful globes to cane and enjoy!

  8. Brigitte Brigitte

    I believe it is 94 globes

  9. Jim Jim

    83 Globes exactly! Spent nearly 2 hours counting them.
    Do I win ????


  10. brad brad

    My eyes are now killing me, what a job counting, but counting those per lil butt cheeks is ok with me!!


  11. PS PS


  12. luke luke


  13. David W David W

    87 globes

  14. […] All I can say is…….ENJOY! Best bet at the mo to see Katie is probably with the SpankPass HERE as it covers both SOL and Digi. She is also featured heavily at SpankedSchoolgirl. Remember, those who haven’t entered the SpankPass Competition to count the Globes should have a look here! It’s a FREE week Pass for the winner, so you could then download all of Katie Leigh available at the moment! […]

  15. Stefan Stefan

    51 !

  16. Mike W Mike W

    89 wonderful globes. Not that counting them was a chore. I cannot remember a more enjoyable contest!

  17. martin martin

    I made it 40 excelent competition.

  18. […] I will also post some great insider pics of the shoot and I most certainly got some “hands on” action with the lovely Belinda and Katie! I’ll get these together when I can access a better line and have moe time. Til then, enjoy this set, it’s a cracker!  Chief PS Don’t forget, for those that have NOT entered, the GLOBES Competition ends Monday (midnight GMT). Place your guess here to win a WEEK’s FREE SPANKPASS  […]

  19. i counted 49 eg

  20. Joe Joe

    there are 90 globes

  21. […] The “Count the Globes Competition” ends today in 6 hours (midnight GMT) If you haven’t entered then take a look HERE I have slightly revised the prize in that those nearest the amount we have agreed on will get a 2 weeks membership. Original prize was just One lucky week…… Anyone who gets the EXACT amount we agree on will win a FREE MONTH to the SpankPass! […]

  22. jacs314 jacs314

    it’s 88 globes

  23. […] The Count the Globes Competition was fun, and the winner, Jim, who counted 83 globes was the closest. We had  gone blind ourselves and agreed a figure of 81, so Jim wins 2 weeks at the SPANKPASS, free, as being closest. […]

  24. Dan Dan

    I think it is 88

  25. Anthony Anthony

    I am late as it is but anyway…..
    50 bottoms = 100 globes

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