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More Catherine Corbet updates!!!

The film “Wet Knickers” is out now at in full.
I was going to wait until tommorow to tell you about this movie but I got so excited I decided to do it now!
That’s because I just finished a great little movie promotion earlier, and I’m sure others will steal my thunder, so here she is!!!
The movie clip is about 40 seconds long and features various parts of her punishment ritual so you get a feel of the movie.
She’s looking dishevelled from being scruffy and fighting with other girls and is waiting to be punished by Miss Smith.
Even Miss Smith is disgusted by the state of her and sends her off to clean up or face the strap.
Catherine, lazy as ever, washes her dirty knickers in the sink and wears them again but when inspected she is discovered.
Did she not even have a clean pair of undies? Shocking, lol!

She’s strapped with them on, anyone who has had this will know it hurts…then her moistened buttocks are strapped bare for good measure.
CLICK on the pic below to see the movie clip. Hope you like it.
Comments as always ladies and gents! Chief.  🙂

Click to Play

*** NEWS UPDATE! ***
We have done a small mini shoot today, so hopefully when I have time I’ll get some amateur pics up before we edit them so you can all see what’s coming soon!


  1. brad brad

    ….chief…….kinda…….speechless at the moment……….AWESOME , keep up the
    wet knickers theme. Thanks…


  2. LOL, I thought you might be! 😀

  3. brad brad

    ….yeah, ya know me! Catherine is SO cute. She even cried very nicely.
    I bet she will have more dirty knickers eh??? hint hint…


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