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Severe Russian OTK Punishment – First time for Katarina

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This gorgeous blonde Russian teen gets the full treatment from the SPANKING.RU folks.
Nervous, timid and unsure what to expect, Katarina is stripped naked showing off her slender body.
It’s obvious she hasn’t had much experience of spanking but I find that all the more exciting!
Katarina soon marks up beautifully under a relentless spanking showing us a crimson bottom against her flawless skin.
The Russians can be a tad harsh & nasty at times (that’s what many expect from them)….
However, I found this punishment far more sexy but equally alluring & recommend this site to ANYONE who has never tried it!  😀

Click on the image below to access this FREE Gallery of Katarina

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I will definitely feature MORE of this site, there’s some real beauties getting spanked, paddled and caned mercilessly  😉

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  1. Brad Brad

    I love the fact that the Russians are strict. I dont like it when spankers/spankees
    smile or laugh. Nothing better than seeing a strict teacher spank a naughty girl
    and to let her know that he is mad! LOVE IT.


  2. klapkaj klapkaj

    The Russians certainly look as though they are giving real punishmnet and not play acting. Strange how they just love using folded electric cable which seems a viscious, nasty implement and produces quite unique marks.

  3. Brad Brad

    Yeah, i noticed that with the Russians, they love cable. If it works on naughty
    schoolgirls, then hey, who am i to argue?….lol

    Would love to see a girl wet herself in “fear” before or during the viscious
    spanking though. Still looking to see if anyone has that kind of vid or pic.


  4. Billing Agents (American based of course) being influenced through no fault of their own from the bible belt zealots & the CC companies who have a lot of power in the USA are, sadly, dictating what can and cannot be viewed main stream….
    The big billing agents (I won’t mention names) are treating pee like scat or sh*t for goodness sake! and don’t get me started with the perceived violence etc…
    The Russians will be doing this sort of thing I’m sure, I’ve even seen blood drawn which is a bit OTT.
    However, if you then check out their site you saw an ad for, you’ll see it’s some dodgy billing agent based in Russia and the site won’t be raking in much income this way!
    VISA and Mastercard are far too powerful. The site will get closed in a short time, they always do.

    Anyway, my rant over for now! It’s only pee FFS! 😉

  5. Brad Brad

    I know, i dont get it! It is just pee, not blood, or really gore. I suppose i will have to have one custom
    made eh? I hate these pricks telling me what i can and cannot view. I have an idea……If people dont want to see
    that kind of stuff……DONT JOIN!! I know of a hell of alot worse stuff on the internet than some cute girl
    wetting her panties…

    Anyway, yeah, i have ranted too!

    PS. What about stained panties or a girl with a tampon hanging out, is that “too” much for some people aslo do you

  6. LOL. There’s a site aptly named “Leakin Liquids” on my non spanking sites menu you might want to look at! 😀

    I’m sure we’ll always do stories round the toilet or the humiliating time a girl removes her panties to find she isn’t clean.
    A lot of people I know get off on this scenario & find it an important part of the humiliation process which makes the girl more submissive.
    However, we did a great film last year with Emily, the girl I featured in the profile on SpankedSchoolgirl, simply titled “Baxter’s Knickers”.
    Utter nonsense, but it was acted really well and just an excuse to get a girl to shower and cleanse herself after being humiliated, showing “Miss” her dirty kaks.
    I’ll definitely showcase it sometime, although there’s a few galleries and clips of this movie, as far as I recall, on her profile.

  7. Brad Brad

    Yeah i saw that one, excellent humiliation. I fins some, not all, want alittle more than just spanking.
    A few good shots perhaps down into the girls panties as she is made to pull them forward looking down in you know?
    Sort of a good build up to the spanking to follow for dirty panties.

    Thanks, will look for this “leakin liquids”… sounds awesome. hope i can find it.


  8. Hey chief, how do i find this “Leakin Liquids” again? Do i join a site first or can you send me a link to it?
    I am TRULY interested in it, i want to know more about it ok? Curious as hell.

    PS. i will join any site that has that category, so let me know k?….thanks a heap!

  9. ok, shoot, i am an idiot, i found it! Ooops!


  10. Brad, If you join, let me know what it’s like after you’ve checked it out!
    You can mail me at the address on my profile page (won’t leave it here, this blog is getting spammed to hell by those phenterm*ne f*cks as it is!)
    If only you all knew how many stupid comments I have to delete daily!!!!

  11. Chief,
    Cant figure out your email addy in the profile. I tried sending but it wouldnt??
    I have something to share with you, something i found. LOVE it.


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