When a spanking model can’t take it anymore!

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Checking over some classic SpankingDigital.com archives, I decided to promote this film again and made a gallery which you can see below.
As all online spanking models know who have ever worked for us, there’s a safe word, “CUT”, and the dom will stop if there’s a problem.
However, whether dippy Linda thought she wouldn’t get paid or thought she could take it to the next level, I have no idea…..
However, during filming under an onslaught from Elizabeth Simpson’s caning, she suddenly breaks down in tears uttering the immortal words.

“I can’t take it anymore!”

The cameras rolled for a bit to capture this moment but knowing that she was capable of crying quite easily, she was asked if she wanted to stop.
However, Linda continued to complete the film bravely but it was quite an astonishing piece of work which anyone who has a membership should see!

I have made a Wallpaper below (click on it to enlarge)
There is also the link to the picture gallery so you can see some pics from this movie.
If I’ve left out the very capable Kat who co starred with Linda, it’s perhaps because she’s a fantastic actress who we’ve used many many times.
But I feel in this movie the real star is Linda and we named the movie after her outburst.

Both these girls will eventually feature in my model profile as some of their work in various films is outstanding!
Enjoy the Gallery and Wallpaper below….Regards, Chief.


Click to see the Full Size Wallpaper

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