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click to see schoolgirls spanked hard

Thought I’d do something a little different and share with you some of my mailers promoting this site.
However, as it’s MY work, I’ve copyrighted it as there are the FULL Size mail shots on view.
This is for personal use if you want to keep them, by all means save em.
I do NOT give permisssion for any affiliates etc to use these to promote this site.
I will be mightily p*ssed off if I see these crop up on sites promoting the websites I work for.
Affiliate or not, it’s my work and you all know about the *DMCA, please don’t make me use it!

Feel free to click on the thumbnails to save the larger pics!
Enjoy! Let me know what you think, maybe suggest some ideas if any of you are members of SpankedSchoolgirl.
I might just make a mailer in your honour  🙂

Enjoy, Chief.

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  1. brad brad

    Hey Chief..

    Well, you know me, LOVE the dirty knickers scenario. AWESOME.
    Is the girl in the “tuck shop” Catherine Corbett? Not sure.


  2. No, that’s Sabrina Jenkins. The one who was in “Very Very Naughty” next to it.
    She did some great work with us on SSG and SMB (If you got the SpankPass, it’s on one of the latest movies at SMB called “Whatever!”)
    I had some fun doing that artwork, I can tell you, as she was swearing and cussing like no tomorrow! lol

  3. brad brad

    She was cursing the whole time? Awesome work then!

    I know now who she is, should have known.

    Thanks chief…


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