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VIP Spanking Sites

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As many of you know, this one VIP Super Site contains enough content to floor most hard drives.
Covering 7 sites, it has something for everyone who is ever into spanking and chastisement of beautiful girls.

I’ll let you decide with a Free Gallery from the main site – Girls Boarding School – followed by 3 movie Galleries featuring other sites you get access to.
The photo gallery is of the girl I featured a while ago balancing books on her back whilst getting caned and strapped.
An excellent and humiliating exercise for the young lady involved! One of my faves!!! Thought I’d feature that in more detail this time.

WARNING: All Content contains scenes of extreme female chastisement! Now go ahead and take a peek!!!  😉

VIP – GirlsBoardingSchool Photo Gallery

VIP Movie Gallery 01
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VIP – Movie Gallery 2
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VIP – Movie Gallery 3
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Quite a nice bit of variety and a bevvy of cracking girls all crying from their punishment!
Let me know what you guys want to see more of and I will try to find it for you, I’m going to be taking a look at some Russian stuff next week.
I also have my model profile to continue, I have a real fetish for redheads, so teen Jessica will probably feature next, I got a great clip of her getting paddled!

Til next time…. Chief.  😀


  1. Red Red

    Good stuff… as usual. Visiting your blog is always a glimpse of sunshine. Keep up with the great work.

    PS Answering your question: what I like especially is girls restraining each other ie one holding the other still while knowing perfectly well her turn will be next… Mmmmmm…

  2. Thank you, Red.
    Your answer has prompted a few scenarios that I’m sure we did with a few girls in the past.
    I will have to search around the archives and see what I can find.

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