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The First Official Galleries of Schoolgirl Carla’s Slippering

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OK, I’ve just finished em both today so these are the OFFICIAL Galleries which some of you may see later at other sites coming soon.
Of course, SpankingBLOGG brings you these FIRST…as I make the damned things!  😀
I have included the Movie Stills Gallery and the Slippering Movie clip.
It was Carla’s FIRST Slippering ever, and she was genuinely fearful (and for good reason) of that white plimsoll!

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I enjoyed this movie at Spankedschoolgirl, I liked the way the story unfolded about her foolish temper tantrum & her vandalism.
Then there’s the anger from Headmaster, so much that he leaves her to contemplate her doom & so he can calm down.

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Then in the movie scene, you just see her knickers being pulled down after her spanking to reveal her reddened cheeks.
Her shame is complete as she pleads in her heavy Portugese accent “pleez not the slee-per!”
“Oh yes, young lady, your pants adrift, your bared buttocks splayed over the table…oh yes, THE SLIPPER!”

I hope we see more of Carla coming soon, and if I hear about any new updates, I will bring them here of course.
In all the recent hysteria of the wonderful Emily, I thought I’d feature our latest girl, Carla.
I’m liking her more & more with those big puppy eyes, her pleading accent, fantastic body & innocence of the slipper.
Quite pleasing to see a girl get her just desserts & also very erotic!
Chief  😀

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  1. Hi there

    Firstly, you have a great site here and without doubt one of the best jobs around!!

    I am with SOL at the moment, can you tell me if there would be any extra material in joining SSG or are the two websites more or less the same?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Jimmy.
    Thanks for your comments.
    As you know, being a member of SOL there is occassional content that promotes other sites including SSG.
    (that’s webmsater doing his job advertising other sites, I guess)
    Anyway, I can assure you that SSG has completely different data, featuring primarily on the all schoolgirl situations, of course.
    You’ll see classrooms, detentions, humiliation & girls being disrobed in uniform at school and at home.

    Of course there are the same models that feature on our sites, but you won’t have seen them spanked, slippered, strapped or caned like they have been on SOL!
    Put it this way, I can safely say that you will enjoy SSG if you have liked the scenarios I have promoted of Carla or Baxter’s Knickers recently.
    It’s a very successful niche site and I’m very happy to promote it – Chief.

    PS) For anyone that wishes, please contact me if you wish me to promote any site you haven’t seen and I will try my best to do so.
    For example, I have one new site coming up featuring a new redhead beauty, (erotic spanking niche) & she’s new & fresh to the scene!

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