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SpankAmber Reviews coming soon….

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I have a real treat coming in store to you all coming soon with a full Review & Interview of Amber.
She is a gorgeous redhead (I love redheads) who has recently started her own site.
It caters for erotic and personal spanking/paddling etc and boy, is she HOT!

The below pic was taken from her first spank shoot for her website, and this is what she said about it.

“I was paddled very hard during this shoot! I just let him do it too! I was very shocked but I wouldn’t say anything.
I didn’t tell him to stop, because I was liking it! And I was afraid to react or make a noise because I thought if I had he’d stop.
So I just took the paddling on and off for about 4 hours.
Everytime the redness started to fade he’d come over and paddle me again very matter of fact!
After that day I became obsessed with spankings! I couldn’t wait for my next shoot hoping I’d get paddled again but afraid to ask.
These are my favorite pics of all time because they are my real first spanking ever and it’s totally relevant in my reactions!”


I hope to have this Review up start of next week. It’s well worth the wait!
Feel free to take a look at Amber’s Blog as it contains’s news and pics of what she’s been up to recently.
Click on the link to her Blog HERE

I also hope you all like the new design of my Blog, comment bar is to the left and it all looks a little more cleaner than before.
Be back soon with more news and updates.

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