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“Can’t Wait” – The spanking film I’ve wanted to see in Hi Res Quality – now available!

Click here for FREE Movie tour clips

At last, one of the films that I asked to see in a higher resolution is now available.
I was present in the kitchen when this was filmed and have never forgotten the scenes, they were awesome.
I will get you a free clip of the nasty strapping soon enough, but take a look at the FREE Gallery which I made with the story.
I think this about sums up the movie – “Never cry wolf!”
These things always have a way of coming back at you!
…and of course we couldn’t resist a pointless toilet scene to completely lower the tone, LOL!
A great piece of humiliation meted out as the hurredly wiped bottom is inspected by Aunty before her severe thrashing!

Spot the co conspirator? It’s none other than Niki Flynn, of course…so you know these 2 girls will take a damned good hiding!!!

FREE Gallery here 

Anyway, as promised I will get out some nice sets I discovered from Girls Boarding School very soon, probably later today.
I just *had* to share this one with you first though!  😀

Until later, Chief.



  1. brad brad

    Chief, ok, you KNOW i like that stuff..( inspection of the vaginal region) yum yum ,
    Great stuff there for SURE!



  2. You’re welcome!
    Maybe it’s just you and myself on here now, LOL!
    Chief 😀

  3. brad brad

    Is anyone out there! Helloooooooooooooooo, lol

    Yeah, well, i am here bud:)


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