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Erica Delemar’s Caning at SpankingMAGS

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Now re-released & in High Resolution 1600kbs WMV playback, take a look at the 30 second clip HERE
Erica, as we have always called her at our sites is none other than the lovely Leia-Ann, in case you didn’t recognise that lovely bottom.
The location looks like the Photo Studio in Uxbridge, it provided many a grim back drop to some of our darker and grittier films we produced there a few years back.

Erica Delemar’s Caning is the latest EZINE Update at SpankingMags

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There will also be some HI RES Photos coming soon which have never been featured before.
I’ll post some of these as and when the ezine updates occur which shouldn’t be too long.
Hope you enjoy a girl who can take the heavy rattan rod!!!
You can tell these strokes really did get through to her as she carefully composes herself after some of the severe strokes crash onto her bared cheeks.
My next few updates should feature Girls-Boarding-School, there are some cracking pics and vids I have!
Don’t go far!  Chief  😀

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