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New Girl Katie Leigh at SpankingOnline

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The SOL webmaster advised me that there was a mini shoot yesterday and that he had finally persuaded nervous teen, Katie, to film at last.
There are some cracking very large HQ Stills (some 1700 pixels + wide) on the latest update introducing Katie to us.
I have reduced the pictures but they are still over 1000 pixels high and 1300 wide, so the quality is still outstanding!
Click on the thumbnails below to reveal Katie in all her glory.
You’ll notice some nice tram line marks on her teen bottom….I’m sure I’ll bring you more about that soon!

Anyway, I’m not offline (obviously) so will bring you more news and exclusive spanking news gossip & muck as always.

click to enlarge  click to enlarge  click to enlarge More of Katie HERE

…along with some pics (non spanking) of my recent trip. click on the thumbnail really was stunning!
Who says Wales is a crap place, eh? I love the coastline and will make more effort to visit again!

Rhosilli Beach - Gower

I just wanted to share the beauty of the Welsh coastline with you all – and boy did I see some HOT Welsh totty as well I’d have loved to have spanked OTK!
That’s something we’ll have to rectify, I’m gonna make it my mission to bring in some fiery Welsh beauties to experience the SOL treatment!
Or if you are a lovely Welsh lass who thinks she can handle a hard spanking online, contact me (see “about me” profile) and I’ll make sure Casting gets in touch!

Enjoy the new FREE Spanking Photos! Chief.  😀


  1. brad brad

    I just LOVE how she is being made you stand with her panties down like that, almost
    like she is having her panties and vagina inspected…..*wink wink*, ( give you
    any ideas for some future shoots?),,lol

    Anyway, LOVE her, she is cute,,,,,,,


  2. brad brad

    Chief, by the way, VERY nice pic of the coast line as well, sorry. What a great view
    and i hope to get there someday as well. ( lots of naughty girls there too was


  3. Sir Caine Sir Caine

    I must say I am impressed with the new girl Katie. Good firm meaty bottom and can not wait to see videos of her being punished. Could I ask if Katie offers and 1 to 1 service ? I will pay travel and fees and will of course respect all limits. Im am sure other spanking models in the Uk will vouch for me. While i am strict i am always fair within limits so long as they are respectfull to me the same is given back. If she does extras that would also be helpfull and I would of course throw in a couple of more pounds for those “extra services” rendered after the event. Naturally Tea and sympathy in abundance post caning /spanking. I do find the girls appreciate a chat and hug after with me after they have been punished. Same would go for Katie.

    I eagerly await your reply.
    Sir Caine

  4. brad brad

    Ok, yeah, Katie is now my favorite girl. I would just love to see her wet,
    just alittle, into her panties as she is standing there with her skirt lifted up
    I know i have read various times that in the real world, this has happened in fear
    of being spanked. I dont know if laws permit it or not but i know other sites
    have it, i am sure if it is ok with the girl, it should be ok to shoot??

    More katie!!!


  5. Sir Caine ye sir are mad.

    Regards Spank Master 😉

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