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Dollar Spanking Site Investigation – part 1

$1 Trial Entry

OK, not sure if this has been done before, but I decided to investigate these sites for myself.
After all, if you take the trial only, it’s only a Dollar!
I’m not overly keen on many of these “value” sites but there are a few which are worth looking at & even subscribing to.

Today I will feature BRUTAL SPANKINGS
However, this site really should change its name as I found nothing remotely “brutal” on the site.
In fact - it was far more EROTIC with shameful situations etc thrown in than anything.
However there is a site with that name, God knows why they stuck with Brutal though….  😎
Don’t let what I’ve said put you off so far……as there is actually some decent content on here.
However, if you’re expecting “brutal” East European type stuff, forget it.

Basically this has very attractive American girls baring their asses and getting roughly spanked and humiliated.
There are also sexual scenes with some of them performing or having their parts fully exposed with spanking, paddling & strapping thrown in.
I’ve found 3 sets of pics and 3 movie clips beow to give you an idea of what to expect at the site.

First set of Photo & Vid Clip Galleries are below – click on thumbnails for access
Vid grabs, movie clips and HQ Photo series from one film I liked.

FREE GALLERY  FREE Movie Clips  FREE Gallery

$1 FREE Trial

Of course, BRUTAL SPANKINGS is part of a huge network of sites which you also get access to, some of it you may like…
Other stuff you will dismiss. I’m just an old perv so I like to look at other stuff as well, lol.
I can’t guarantee that you’ll find the other sites interesting, but remember, you’re here to look at THIS site!
My advice…Concentrate on this one site and download what you want then move on.

Second set of Photo & FREE Movie Clips
These are the more mucky pics n clips, I wish I was that Dom!!!!

FREE Gallery  FREE Movie clips  FREE Mucky movie clips

There’s a few more sites with $1 Dollar trials which I will feature soon, but only the ones I consider worthy of spending time at!
There’s a lot of crap out there, so be careful! I’ll help you avoid the really cheesy ones!
This isn’t my favourite cheapy site, I’ll come to those later, but it’s STILL definitely worth the entrance fee

….and I’d buy THAT for a dollar!  😉

Try this site for $1!

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