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More beautiful schoolgirls at Real Spankings Institute

36$ for 3 months - CLICK HERE

On top of the great offer they have if you are signing up for a membership (3 months for just $36)
I thought I’d show you some more cracking galleries of this Dormitory style Discipline School site.
Still in the Top 5 of my fave sites from the USA, I can tell you that some of these punishments are very harsh!
Some of you may recognise the short dark haired Christine featured on GBS, or perhaps her reddened buttocks!

Either way, check out the 3 FREE galleries I have got for you.
Apologies if some of you may have seen these before, but the girls are just lovely!
Click on the thumbnails below to see them.

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

The $36 for 3 Month Offer is available on the Home Sign Up Page 

Click HERE for Extensive Home Page Intro

I’m in a buoyant mood today, so I may add a FREE Gallery of some beautiful buttocks & teen pics I found on various Adult Yahoo Groups!
Nothing affiliated anywhere, so don’t know what amateur site or whatever they came from – just some great pics to look at!
I’ll let your imaginations run wild, they look like they need a darned good spanking too!
Stay tuned!

There is also an update which has just appeared at SpankingOnline which features myself and poor Belinda in the movie “Dirty Office”
I’ll bring you more news of that very soon as well.

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