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SpankingBLOGG Exclusive!!! FREE Katie Leigh Spanking Pics!

As promised, here’s 12 pics NEVER seen before ANYWHERE!
As webmaster of SpankedSchoolgirl I have the ability to get to see the content before anyone else.
The movie is out now at SSG, however, there are no stills (yet) as such, or even a Gallery for our Affiliates.
So this really is a top notch SpankingBlogg EXCLUSIVE, I hope you appreciate the wonderful spanking sensation that is Katie!
I will get round to producing a gallery for our affiliates later, meanwhile, feel smug & satisfied that SpankingBlogg got you these before anyone else!


These are stills from the latest movie at SpankedSchoolgirl called “Girls at School”
Katie is waiting for her punishment, her arrogance and stroppy nature have earned her a caning!
However, she foolishly thought she could get away with the spanking and caning by wearing 2 sets of knickers!
(see pic number 3!)
When this is discovered, she is stripped waist down, her poor teen bottom exposed and given no mercy!
Schoolgirl punishment as you would expect for stroppy teens!  🙂

Enjoy, Chief.

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  1. brad brad

    love seeing them exposing thier vaginas like that, awesome!!!


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