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The Count the Globes Competition was fun, and the winner, Jim, who counted 83 globes was the closest.
We had  gone blind ourselves and agreed a figure of 81, so Jim wins 2 weeks at the SPANKPASS, free, as being closest.

However (and this really bugs me on Customer Support as well!)

Jim, ye fool, your email address is CRAP!
You’ve won, I sent you your codes just past midnight last night and what do I get?
A bloody fatal address error on your Yahoo address! Give me strength!!!!

Grrr! Ensure that you have correctly typed in your details and contact me ASAP at the comment link below.
I will know it is you because I can keep a record of your IP address from last time.
So if any of you naughty people out there pretend to be Jim I will know!  😉

Anyway, congratulations Jim, contact me ASAP and I’ll mail you your codes.
However, the codes cannot be easily reset so time is running out…tic toc tic toc (etc)



FAO Jim, if I don’t hear from you by end of 16th May, I will award this prize to the second placed contestant.

Sorry Jim, no reply…….so Mark T, who guessed 85 globes is now the winner!
I can’t stress how important it always is to ensure your email addresses are correct!
This really does bug me when I get people “demanding” on our Customer Support that we haven’t helped them.
I go check their email address and it is either incorrect (spelt wrongly) or has a primitive spam filter blocking our replies etc.
That really drives me f**king NUTS!!!!!

Anyway..Congrats Mark, enjoy your SpankPass!

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  1. brad brad

    If you dont hear from Jim, hey, i will take the pass…..LOL…..

    I was off by about 23 nice firm globes…..:(


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