Beautiful Polish Girl Angelina in Profile

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Angelina, from Poland, has been featured here before at FetishFlixx and SpankPass

She is one of my fave spanking models, I love her reactions, the way she cries, seeing her bent over or in a classic OTK position! However, when I came across these pics from Girls Boarding School, I just had to share these with you. I must be getting a little doting in my old age as I gaze upon her and try to find the innocence of her from within. However, I know deep down, this is one VERY NAUGHTY young lady!

Check the gallery of pics I made, I have resized the originals from the members area of GBS, so their quality is even better!
It goes without saying there are certain sites I’d pay to view along with our own and this is definitely one of em! I wonder why with amazing pics like these below, click on the thumbnails to see the larger images. Hope you enjoy em! I gotta take my hat off and say that GBS photo shoots like these are amongst the best I have seen! However, Just wait til I find some new content of Katie and Heather for the SPANKPASS… coming soon!  😉

ANGELINA at Girls Boarding School

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Polish Girl Angelina in Profile

  1. klapkaj

    What fantastic photos of Angelina. We know that many Polish girls are still caned at home to this day so it is even more authentic. I just love the way she sits with the cane across her lap and her tartan skirt, white shirt, knickers & socks in a bundle at her feet waiting to be caned. And even better when she offers the cane with her outstretched hands knowing full well it will be lashed hard across her naked, unprotected young buttocks until they are red & raw with thick welts. Surely there must be more of her caning showing the red stripes? Please?
    And may we please have the next instalment of the Female Disciplinary Manual featuring the strap?
    Great stuff, yours is THE best blog on the net by far.

  2. Spank Chief Post author

    Thanks for your kind comments, klapkaj.
    All I can do is share what I like and hope others appreciate what I find pleasing or something new to share out there.
    After all, the point of a Blog is that it is personal, this is what I like and I want to share that.
    Feedback is important, and I also get many mails which I try to answer. All this helps me try to bring a blog that is interactive and not just pushing up content randomly as there sadly tends to be out there.
    It is nice to know that people appreciate my considerable time and efforts.

    Re the Female Manual, I am away at the moment and have not scanned anything else but will do so, including the extensive NON corporal punishments detailed at the start of that pamphlett.
    As for Angelina, I made sure I downloaded as much of her as I could find, sadly it is on my other PC, this is what I had on my laptop.
    Rest assured there’s some great stuff featuring Angelina at GBS and the SOL sites coming soon!

  3. dave

    Lovely! On a side, my favest GBS models are Lisa, Linda — and Angie… Remember Angie? Outrageously gorgeous. She was in just a few GBS movies, one of which is my all time fave.

    I had a copy and have since purged my hard drive a ways back. Sad days. . .



  4. brad

    Angelina is so cute standing there completely naked of her school uniform. I love the girl to be naked
    and dragged across my knee for a bare bottom treatment. Very very cute, would love to see her caned


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