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Very Sexy Spanking Photo!

Take a look at the image which I got from an ad!
I have been looking at this image for nigh on 10 minutes and am still captivated by it!
So much so that I went to the site and my affiliate links to try and find this set.
Sadly as I am not a member of Spanking & Shame I can’t find what I want!

Spanking & Shame

However, what have I been missing????
What I have discovered is this gem of a site has an extensive archive from the ads I read
(1200 movie clips and 25,000+ photos)
More importantly, they cover all manner of embarrassing and rude punishments.
Pussy whipping/strapping, privates splayed open, intimate inspections with all manor of instruments.
Rectal thermometers, spanking of the buttocks and privates, strapping, rulers and the cane of course!
Some of the girls are also sexually interfered with or asked to perform sexual acts on their masters to add to the total shame!
I also saw plenty of snivelling and tear stained pics so it pretty much covers the extreme punishment niche!

However, back to that photo image above, they also feature girls being spanked or playing upon each other when it’s their time of month!
The little mouse tail just caught my eye!!!!

Well, on that bombshell, if any of you have this set, please contact me at the reply link or mail me at admin (at)
Thanks. I’d see to it I’d give you a nice reward!ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. brad brad

    Listen, i am the one responsible for pics and movies of girls with tampons
    inserted. I was a member of Spanking Shame and wrote in several times to ask
    for this certain aspect of humiliation. Also, i wrote in and asked if they
    could do a few scenes of girls being spanked with dirty panties and stains.

    Aint i bad?? lol. yeah, that Spanking Shame site is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, just love
    it. All the tampon and dirty panty shots are because i wrote in and asked for it,
    NO kidding.

    ttyl k?

  2. brad brad

    By the way, that IS a captivating, loveyl lovely LOVELY pic you have here.

    So naughty…


  3. Do you have any more photos or clips from this movie at Spanking & Shame, Brad?

  4. brad brad

    No i dont. I have not been a member with Spanking shame for a few months now,
    but plan on re joining soon as they seem to have ALOT of updates. I didnt keep
    any vids or pics, but i “may” have some on an old disc here. I will check for you.
    I do have a vid of a girl being spanked naked and she starts to pee from fright.
    I think it is from either SOL or some other site?? Two girls one being the mother
    or Aunt i think.


  5. Hmmm, not sure if we did something like that, I’d be grateful if you sent or zipped me a clip so I can see if it’s our work.
    I may even post some stuff here if that’s ok by you!

  6. Usaspanker Usaspanker

    I agree this image is nice. Missing 1 thing though as it would be nice to see the woman filling her pants
    or making a brown mess on the bed. It must be somthing about the fear of being punished that starts quite a rapid
    and violent bowl movment. I would then punish even harder until she crys bitterly with shame at her filthy solid mess and the punishment that was given for such.

    Do you have any images or video that shows girls in distress ? or needing the loo ? or running from an adult who chasing her with a cane or paddle in his hand and she messes right there ?
    this I feel would be quite nice to see. John

  7. Sorry, if I showed that I’d lose the right to host anything!
    I mentioned in another comment on Punished Parts how hosting companies and billing agents are now getting far more strict on what can and cannot be shown.
    This all stems from the ultra conservative anti porn/fun lobby who have put pressure on VISA & Mastercard to name but a few and it all starts to filter down from there.

    However, we have featured quite a few toilet/tummy troubles at FetishFlixx for example
    (the movies “Can’t Wait” and “Tummy Trouble” spring to mind)

    I recently featured with movie clips and galleries the Can’t Wait movie, (last month I think)
    Check my recent archives and you’ll find it, it was a great movie and the actress (Darling) really did need to go to the loo!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. brad brad

    Chief, i have a GREAT pic of a girl held down on a table being shaved from Spanking Shame just before
    she is spanked.

    Great shot. Do you want me to send it to you via email?


  9. brad brad

    Usaspanker, you like the same thing i do, i love the fact that in times past, some girls wet themselves
    during a spanking, it is recorded and i WISH i had kept that article. In one case, a girl in the US
    wet herself across the knee of the principal, in fear, and the principal had to call in the parents
    to the school for a clean pair of pants for the girl.

    Like the Chief said however, all these ‘rules’ of what we can see and what we cant sucks ass. I would
    love to see a scenario like the above done, and well, i have lived it with a girl named Helena that i was
    seeing. Such FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN…:)


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