Caption Competition – Win a Month’s FREE Pass to FetishFlixx

Fancy having ONE Month’s unlimited access to this Hi Res Movie site?

Take a look at the Image below and use your imagination, wit or something that will make me laugh or catch my attention.
The one I find the best will get a FREE membership to FETISHFLIXX

* Note: Please ensure that the email address you enter is correct! (after the last fiasco with the winner not providing a correct email)
Nothing winds me up MORE on Customer Support than someone writing in about lack of access cos their codes have been shared etc
Only for me to see that the mail address bounces after I double check and sort out the account ASAP! Grrrrrrrr!!!!

Anyway, this pic was inspired by a Customer Support question last night where someone claimed the download link was not working to this movie.
The movie is called “2 For the cane” and yes, that was me looking suitably horrible with my hair greased up wearing an awful suit!  🙂
As I hadn’t seen the movie in ages, I had to try and replicate the error & download the film from the site (I had no problem)
Anyway, it featured the lovely Rebecca, some in the UK may recognise her as she has done a lot of Television X (soft core) work.

Caption Competition

Good Luck, I will contact the winner by email provided.

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33 thoughts on “Caption Competition – Win a Month’s FREE Pass to FetishFlixx

  1. brad

    “Now Rebecca, i dont care that it is your time of the month and you WILL take all
    your clothes off NOW, and lay across this bench for a good canning young lady”


  2. dave

    Rebecca felt a tingling, a hot flash in her tummy, as she waited expectantly, biting her lip.

    She certainly knew this had been the last time she would ever call one of her boyfriend’s suits ‘a complete and ugly waste of a good piece of fabric.’

  3. Kent

    B-b-b-but y-y-y-you just got done using that cane on my ass…now your going to do w-w-w-w-what w-w-w-w-w-with it??

  4. Jane Foster

    Stop hiding your face Rebecca. Now, look at that stool. Your bottom will soon match its colour.

  5. Prefectdt

    “OK so I phoned the Doc and he said if I caned that end hard enough those head lice would shoot right off the other end.”

  6. Harika

    I warned ye young lady that you would get a hard bumming if I had to cane your buttocks again … now please stand … spread thy cheeks and let Uncle Walt enter thy fat hide!

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  8. sir

    wots this smoking and giving lip in class,3rd time today!!
    bend-over sir’s desk and taste sir’s

  9. Lovesfullfigure

    My caption is-
    “So………………that blonde wig comes off quite easily does it? I wish mine did!”
    PS. All of MY suits look like that. Horrible are they? What a blow to my self-esteem.

  10. Christian

    Now sweetie you have tried both the birch and the cane – which one did you like the most?

  11. Richard

    Let me think Sir, I´ve had six strokes another eighteen thats ………………don´t rush me Sir

  12. Dennis

    Well it may be more punishment than crime, but for all the times you haven’t been caught, your due.

  13. malc

    Okaaaaaaaaaay ……….. I will cane you SIR ……..but please keep your trousers on !!

  14. Nick

    All right then, Rebecca, if it means that much to you, you can have ALL of the strokes on your bare bottom!

  15. Sevenil

    Look , theres no need to start crying over and over again.
    I told you umpteen times that the furniture from Ikea is unacceptable for this house , thank goodness I dont buy my canes there!!!!!!!!! Bend over.

  16. Eddy

    Don’t cry, Rebecca, it’s too late.
    No you know what you MUST do.
    Bend over that red stool…and beg for your caning punishment… Hurry…Don’t waste my time or you will take the double…

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