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“El Hombre” from Spank Amber

Click HERE to see more of Amber

I only wanted to review this movie once it was complete as it came in 4 parts. I was also busy doing other stuff so now I have a little time to post this as the movie is a corker! Amber is easily one of my fave online spanking models – reasonably new to the online scene as well.
I’m not usually too impressed with American girls, I usually stick to those in Europe, however there are delicious exceptions!

(What I’d really like to see would be Amber and Sierra Salem get together and make a HOT movie!!!)

However, if Amber’s news for July 7th is still on, she’ll get spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer (who I must admit I don’t know a lot about, but she’s huge in the States, right?) Still, I can but hope that Amber and Salem will get involved in a right Spank-a-thon one day! Oh look, what a surprise, I am already digressing as I write about Amber here.  (sigh)

El Hombre Movie Clip - Click HERE

Where was I? Oh yes, “El Hombre” A sort of take on 1950s retro Mexicana, if you take a look at the intro on Amber’s site then you will see the quality of the editing and thought that went into this movie! I advise that you save the clip to your PC first (right click and “save as…”) the clip is in DVD Hi Def Resolution and is 22mb in length!


I think this was Amber’s first scenes online without her partner “Daddy” spanking her and it’s a delicious FF exploration as Amber teases her client with a seductive private dance. It’s then down to a lingering and very intimate punishment which is wonderfully edited and shows off Amber’s lovely red bottom, glowing beautifully as usual! It’s great to see Amber in a different situation and in the arms of a woman, I am looking forward to her next film coming out which features Amber “switching”. Anyway, digressing again. There are 2 options to download the clips.

One is by a Hi Res WMV playback (ideal for the impatient like myself) and in easy chunks of 50-90Mb or so. These files are much smaller and easier to download. Then there is the DVD quality Quicktime option, although I am never a fan of QT, the playback is fantastic. Of course at 800Mb per long play clip, it takes a little while to download… I’m not sure if Amber will keep this up, her bandwidth must be starting to go nuts!


However, if you take a look at Amber’s Blog, she has a far more detailed description of the movie as it came out in each part. Here is a nice little Poster that Dave from the Cherry Red Report made for Amber as well. (Hope he doesn’t mind me showing it on here).

Click on her poster and it also takes you to Amber’s Site


I’d also like to add, I just saw her latest film “Feeling Bad” which I’ll review another time, it was a lovely film, I loved the intro.
I’ll have to contact Amber first see if she’ll let me play the intro, I wouldn’t want to give too much of her hard earned content away!

Anyway, take care all, I’ll post tommorow when I have time. Chief.


  1. Great post. I absolutely love Amber. So intelligently sexy and intriguing. The photos on her site–unreal.

    Glad you liked the Amber poster:)

    You def. must check out also Chelsea Pfeiffer’s site, GoodSpanking–in my opinion, the hottest, perhaps the best female Top in the spanking community, with absolutely top-notch F/F spanking photography around. Highly eroticized, very sexy yet very firm tannings.

    the vintage el hombre poster? wow what a great find and such an unusual image, chewing on her tush!

    keep up the great bloggin
    Rock on,
    “The Cherry Red Report”

  2. brad brad

    Would love to see Amber in a traditional school Uniform as she has a GREAT spankable,
    delicious butt……HOT.


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