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EXCLUSIVE Unseen Pictures from Today’s Film Shoot!

These have just come HOT off the MSN messenger from the SOL Webmaster!
I didn’t go to today’s film shoot as I’ve been busy elsewhere but webmaster delighted in showing me what is in store!

There is a NEW girl as well as some faces, or should I say, bottoms you might know.

New Girl Heather is in the first 2 pics in her uniform (she’s also far left in the bottom pic) Welcome back to Pandora Blake and also to Laura (or is it Chloe?) who was with us about a year ago! (My memory for names is appalling, so excuse me)

Click on images to enlarge them

Heather Heather 2 Laura

Heather Laura & Pandora

I have no doubt that SpankingOnline will feature a Photo introduction to the lovely Heather very very soon!

The reason I have been so busy recently is because I’m trying to organise our vacation – I might need some help! I am going to the States on July 20 for about 16 days and will mainly be visiting New York/New England (incl Boston) I might try to persuade her indoors to go visit Niagra Falls – though it’s right over left of NY State. So far, we have booked until 23rd in NYC and after that it’s pretty much open as she wants to visit her boy who will be meeting other family in Boston and New Hampshire. But this is still not confirmed to us when exactly which is really annoying me!

So I have so far booked a car rental for the whole time so we are free and mobile. As I’m a European and know very little about American cars, I have booked a Dodge Charger (or equivalent, it says) The car looks OK to me, is it a comfortable ride? Any alternative suggestions re reasonable accomodation which I can not see online would be much appreciated in NY State and new England. As I said, I’ll mention this again soon.

Next Update features myself and one of my colleagues in a hilarious film about 2 failing Spanking Entrepreneurs. They are useless with their one model they have booked until they start to get severe on her behind when she mocks them! I’m just off to download the pics from the little camera we used as well, as they have some great bonus shots! You’ll see when I show you all next time! Exclusively HERE… of course!

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  1. Adrian Adrian

    Car rental in the US: Getting insurance from the rental company would be absurdly expensive. But you may find it necessary since your UK insurance probably doesn’t cover you in the US. Ask your insurance agent.

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

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