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Some Useful $1 Site Trial Reviews pt2

As Promised, here are some $1 Sites that I would recommend (some others I’ve discarded)
I have also collected a few pics from one set at the featured site of the day – Erotic Spank

Erotic Spank does what it says & has far more sexual/erotic undertones to the punishments. For those who have never bothered seeing as it’s just a Dollar (so must be crap), well, take a look at the pics below. These are from a very erotic spanking film between a naughty slut and her partner. Of course if seeing guys getting off on girls or getting them to perform sexual acts is not your thing, then Erotic Spank is NOT for you. I’m a porn nut, I’ll watch anything – & tbh, some of the stuff they have at Erotic Spank is very good!

Of course, the catches are that they are part of Multi sites &, if you are a secret perv like me, you may get hooked into their memberships!
That means recurring memberships until cancelled, I know it’s still not much, but’s business, it’s what they do! My tip is go in, if you like what is on offer elsewhere, then fine, if not…CANCEL ASAP then you won’t pay the recur fee, just that paltry $1! Simple, isn’t it?

Now go shell out a Dollar and download movies & pics for a few days feeling satisfied you got a little deal! 

$1 Trial HERE

Click on below thumbs for larger images from a Film at Erotic Spank





Their stuff is actually not too bad, is it? So I WILL review & post more content another time.

$1 TRial HERE

Well, I could be here all day promoting or reviewing these sites so I’ll leave that until another time. What I must mention are the very reasonable $1 Trial Sites below, especially Spank My Daughter which I’ll review next!

If you got a few minutes, take a look around, including the interesting “Pure Spanking” which I only heard about recently!
Banner Links are below – Happy fishing!  😉
Remember the rules on $1 Sites and you needn’t pay the Earth for some surprisingly good unique content!!!

$1 Trial here

$1 Trial here

$1 Trial here

$1 Trial here


  1. brad brad

    WAY too many High Heels in those sites, i am NOT a fan of heels, nylons, tattoo’s, heavy make up, etc etc.
    Some may like it but not moi!!!

    Thanks though, hot ass’s there for sure.


  2. I know what you mean, however, the pics I showed were very naughty and the movie clip I have is great!
    Not everyone’s tastes, I know….though from what I’ve seen of the Pure Spanking site, they have some vintage stuff on there, think I will have to go in myself and get some content! 😉

  3. Goodness, that is one tasty kitten. meow!



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