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Caption Competition Winner

Thanks to everyone who took part, it’s been a difficult one for me to judge.
However, the WINNER is Gordon with the caption below.
Gordon, you made me laugh, you git, I’ll be emailing you your 1 Month codes later today.

* Note to everyone, this does not give you all “carte blanche” to ridicule the Chief in future!  😉



  1. brad brad

    He he, that was a good one, Mr Bean, perfect:)


  2. Prefectdt Prefectdt

    Good choice, like that one.


  3. Yeah Yeah….laugh all you want you guys! *sigh*

  4. Alex Alex

    Who is Mr. Bean?

  5. Gordon Gordon


    I am glad I made you laugh, because that was the
    idea. In no way was “ridiculing” the chief, it was
    just that your profile reminded me of “Mr. Bean.”

    I don’t usually win anything, so this came as a very
    pleasant surprise !

    I look forward to seeing all “fetishflixx” has to offer.

    Thanks again !!!


  6. No problem, enjoy the site.

    …and for anyone who doesn’t know Mr Bean, just Google the name and you’ll soon find out!

  7. lol:)

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