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…and now for something Completely Different!

Well, in an effort to explore different area of the wonderful fetish that is spanking, I deviated a little by looking at these sites (both were recommended to me)
Both sites are fascinating in their own respect and I’m sure both cater to niches which others have no desire or need to.
However, I must admit, I really enjoyed them both, and barring any outright disgust or complaints here, I’ll review more in future, hopefully.

First up is the infamous Whipped website, featuring more BDSM but with a lot of punishment with the hand and cane included!
I have included this site as there is also news of a very limited Special Offer -they have a promotion on which is limited, so take a look BELOW.

Click here for more 

1 MONTH + 7 days FREE for $19.99  
2 MONTH + 30 days FREE for $34.49
         (works out at just $17.49 per month)            

I was sent this clip as it is (it’s over 40Mb long and in REAL format) so PLEASE save it first!The quality is excellent and features a bound submissive girl (Lexa) who has requested to experience more pain through various methods including having electric currents pass through clips and also features a thigh caning whilst strapped up, Lexa is gagged but adapts to the pain beautifully.Does she pass the test? View the clip and see!


click here for more

  • I thought it wouldn’t be my scene, but instead I got quite aroused at seeing this girl so helpless.I admit it won’t be everyone’s thing
    It downloaded the clip and if you liked that, take a look at the site, they can explain what they do far better than I can here!  


    click here for more

    Now talking of arousal, Sex & Spanking has always gone together but the spanking scenes were always very tame.
    Many also associate spanking with punishment scenarios only – so once again, there may be those that are offended by what I bring now!
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Far East Media” many of you may have seen this site so forgive me whilst I witter away.
    I must say, I was quite impressed by their FREE Tour pages which show many examples of the type of movie you could expect to see.


    From the images above, check out one of my faves that I viewed CLICK HERE

    Good girl, Tyla! Wow, that was HOT!

    OK, that’s all from me until after the next film shoot.
    I’ll try and ask Katie Leigh some of the questions but you lot are just so rude!!! LOL
    Til next time,


    1. Hello Chief

      Now let us see – far east media = Gorgeous girls,who are Longing to be spanked
      and then a bit or rather alot of hanky panky afterwards, sunds like a winning
      formula to me!

      Chriky what a preview page too!


      Thanks once again for your Pursuance of high quality material.

    2. FarEastMedia is quite a, well, errm, intriguing site. 😉

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