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The One & Only Elizabeth Simpson – Then & Now!

I have known Elizabeth personally for many years and am amazed that this spanking queen of the lifestylers still won’t give up on producing her fine work.
There aren’t many online models who can take a beating across their wizzened yet exquisite behinds like Elizabeth!

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This got me thinking recently about some of her classic appearances over the years, all mainly at her own site at SpankMyBottom
Just released and remastered due to vociferous public demand, one of Elizabeth’s FIRST movies ever filmed for us way back about 5 years ago.
So to compare I have just made available 2 free Movie Clips.
See for yourself how Elizabeth has matured into the fine upstanding, if somewhat foolish woman she is today!
Still getting her rear blithered for the daftest of infractions, we love her, she never learns! Much to our amusement!  😀

These movies are available in higher resolution playback, as are all the NEW produced content at SpankMyBottom
This first Movie Clip is taken from her FIRST Movie with us.
As it was under the cruel administration from Mr Peters, you can be sure Elizabeth’s bottom received a FULL dose of the slipper as well as the strap and cane!
Click on image below to see the clip.

Click HERE to play the clip

The second is from a recent production entitled “The Discovery”
A great film, Elizabeth discovers Miss Smith’s spanking stash of magazines and berates her until Miss Smith turns on her and gives her a damned good hiding
Join the punishment below when Elizabeth is forced to apologise with the help of the paddle!

Click here to play the clip

I hope you enjoyed these 2 as much as I did!
Take a look HERE for more FREE Clips from SpankMyBottom’s EXCELLENT and extensive FREE Tour pages!
This site really has the largest collection of Elizabeth’s work with the added bonus of having the largest collection of Rosaleen Young’s work found anywhere on the Web!

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    Now darling take Miss Smith and cane her OTK

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