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Place your Questions here for Katie Leigh!

Sorry this is short notice and you’ll have to be quick as I will be filming Katie next Wednesday (4th Sept)
I’m going to try to do an interview with her so if there are any questions you want me to ask then please leave them in the comments box.
Nothing is taboo, but I’m not going to ask her silly questions!  😀
Want to know more about the lass? Then leave your questions for me to put to her in person.
I’ll have it edited and made EXCLUSIVELY for the Blogg!

Ask Katie!

I am trying to make this Blog  little more interactive so yu can have your say!
Now’s the chance!

I look forward to seeing your questions! Ask as many as you want! 😀



  1. Hi Chief, This is a great idea for a post. Um…ok…let’s see, where to begin?

    Hi Katie — Do you think you were born with this spanking interest? or did it develop later on ?

    Thank you!

  2. Ernie Ernie

    I really think that she is one of the top models on your site.
    As a bright and very pretty model how does she handle
    being a spanking model and her other real life?

  3. lexi lexi

    ~erotic~sexy~humiliating to be spanked and butt felt up when spanked but an older dresses woman giving you discipline~how does that make you feel when like this~!


  4. lexi lexi

    ~what are you spanking and discpline interests and why~how old were you when you first got spanked and by whom ?


  5. lexi lexi

    ~as an attractive and shapely girl as you areand how do the women that~are you a bi girl as iam {im more attracted to women}~and how do the women feel that spank you afterwards ?


  6. lexi lexi

    ~how often a day have you been spanked ~what was used to spank you~?


  7. lexi lexi

    ~katie have you ever got a spanking with your period and maybe just a
    tampon in~if so how humiliting was that~and if so~who spanked you ?


  8. lexi lexi

    ~katie~when disciplined~have you ever had to undress and stand naked
    and get disciplined and mouth soaped then get a hand spanking followed
    by a hairbrush spanking~both sides~then a paddle spanking~while holding legs up over head while laying
    on back~followed by cornertime on knees with face down~?


  9. keith keith


    Have you given out punishments and if so to what level would you go to. What is your favourite
    implement to give or receive. Would you receive or give out a caning or strapping
    to the hands.

  10. brad brad

    I have to ask the same as Lexi, Katie, have you ever been spanked while
    on your period with a tampon in? And, how did it make you feel?


  11. brad brad

    Katie, another question for you. In days gone by, it was known that some girls
    could or did wet themselves either during a spanking or waiting in fear. Have you
    ever thought or fantasized about this scenario??


  12. Kinda’ unusual questions. hm…katie–let’s see, do you prefer otk the best or ? Are you more a bikini panty girl or a thong girl? cheerleader vs. schoolgirl–your preference?



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