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More Stupid Ranting on Customer Support

I understand that losing site access can be damned annoying, it’s happened to me.
But when codes are shared, our site security kicks in quickly, naturally protecting us against password sharers/sharing sites etc..
It’s a sad fact of life that popular websites are always being attacked and pirated, even my humble Blog, that is quite popular now (hoorah!) has to deal with 100s of f*cking spams daily.
Which is why, sadly, the open comments were removed so now I can usually just delete at will the crap that comes in and allow genuine comments through.
Anyway, one of my colleagues just cc’d this to me, in which she answered this very angry person.
I hope he hasn’t a high blood pressure, ‘cos he writes like he has, for goodness sake!

First of all, it was to an incorrect email address – NOTHING to do with our sites Customer Support.
CORRECT SUPPORT LOCATION IS HERE – where it says CUSTOMER SUPPORT on each & every page of the site
We endeavour to try and answer support questions as fast as possible, we pride ourselves on this, but sometimes, I just wanna SCREAM!
So excuse my self indulgence, (it is my blog after all) and if you are reading this and you recognise your rant, I’m sorry, but lighten up and chill, man!
I’m worried for your health, you sound really stressed!
I, of course will not name the fellow or his codes… protect his anonymity.
Thankfully, stuff like this is rare, but when we are accused of things like being shoddy etc (because they are ignorant of the facts)
Then it really gets on my f*cking nerves!
Basically, someone writes in complaining about their (easy) codes being unable to access our site
Why not be courteous? It’s a problem we can handle quickly, without the crap that comes with this!

His query and our response below (We rarely post the offending IP addresses of shared codes, there’s no need, but my colleague had to in this case to prove her point)
Take a look and weep at this madness!

Subject: Site Problems – AGAIN!
I have a membership to spankedschoolgirl. ONCE AGAIN with xerotics, I’m having site entry problems.
I was actually going to cancel my membership anyway because the newer videos were not playing. ( something about a codec or whatever.)
Don’t know the passcodes because I had them saved and the account is suspended for whatever reason (says multiple ips, but that’s bullshit. again.)
Please cancel my membership and look at sites like ********** (it’s a poor site in my opinion) to learn how to run effective, problem-free sites. Nothing but problems with “xerotics”

Our Reply 10 minutes later (remember this was at an incorrect email location!)

Subject: RE: Site Problems – AGAIN!
Hi the rebill on your account has been stopped. No further charges will apply.
You can continue to access the members area until ******* after which access will be terminated.
I have also changed the password on your account as multiple IPs were tracked using your codes.
Below are listed some of the IP Addresses tracked | | London, United Kingdom | IP Unresolved | Unknown City, China | | Unknown City, United States | | Unknown City, Unknown Country | IP Unresolved | Bucharest, Romania

This tells us that your codes have been compromised, so I have changed your password to: *********** (removed of course!)
Your old codes/password were just far too easy to guess.
I can’t comment on other sites and what methods they use to avoid password sharing, but due to the sheer success of our sites we have to ensure codes are never shared - ever.
As you can see we always answer support replies in as quick as time possible (10 minutes in this case)

For video playback you need the latest version of windows media player installed.
We use HD driven movie formats to ensure superb quality. You do also need a pretty decent PC for the newer Movies as they are big in file size but as you will agree a much better format than many other sites.
Please let me know if you have further questions and we will gladly assist.
Thank you.
H. Customer Support

There you have it. Back soon, got some great content to show you later!
In the meantime, for putting up with MY RANT – here’s a CLASSIC GALLERY below
…of ye Olde SpankedSchoolgirl – CLICKETH VERILY HERE  😀

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