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FREE & Exclusive SpankingBlogg Updates!

This was a great domestic discipline movie, but I have decided to include MORE schoolgirl updates below.
You can never have enough schoolgirl updates, eh?  😉

spankingonline schoolgirl updates

Jodie is one of my fave schoolgirls recently featured, how can you not fall in love with her, eh?
Check out the latest Free Gallery below from her most recent update at SpankingOnline


A pretty girl, with a smooth teen bottom, she cries and yelps beautifully too!


When I need a cold shower, I need look no further than naughty Katie Leigh
She’s that HOT she has her own website now and some of the stuff on there is very rude!
Also, of course, all her new films are uploaded as a HD Option as well as the Hi Res updates.

Below are 2 options to view 2 movies (the 1st in HD) and then feast your eyes on the 3rd FREE Gallery

Katie leigh's exclusive site - click here for FREE updates

FREE HD Movie clip

Below is an SD Clip (1500kbs) from her long play movie, “Suffer the Consequences” Out in FULL (of course).

FREE Movie clip

Sitting comfortably? Take a look at this naughty photoset below of slutty Katie, what a doll!

FREE Gallery

Oh that’s it, I need to calm down again!
Don’t forget that Katie’s site has an extensive selection of HD and SD movie clips so you will see EXACTLY what you’ll get.


  1. Brad Brad

    WHAT an absolutely naughty girl that Katie is! Whew, she needs lots of


  2. ….and she gets it! 😉

  3. Brad Brad

    …and i am….hmmm, going to join again to see it:)


  4. Brad, I remember you saying you had problems viewing some of our higher WMV resolution stuff.
    Check you can easily download the clips etc beforehand either from my clips here or on her home page.
    HD, for example really is only available for those with recently bought PCs the last few years, ideally must be XP or above, 1Gb ram.
    Most processors from last few years in most PCs will be able to handle the accelerated WMV 6300kbs playback.

  5. Brad Brad

    Hey Chief, guess what? I bought a new computer..get this….500gig hard drive, with 3 gig ram! eh? eh? I dont think i will have trouble now, in fact all the HD movies play smoother than, well, Katies lil bottom…lol


  6. Good man, welcome to the 21st Century! LOL
    You’ll also be able to view all the previous stuff we had in Hi Res 1500kbs as well very clearly!
    What a difference, eh? 🙂

  7. Brad Brad

    Ok, yeah, i say eh alot….Hey, im Canadian. Cant wait to see all the vids in
    HD now…..awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome.


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