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Redhead Justine Updates – The SuperPass and other Great OTK Finds!

OK, I got a bumper selection of stuff for you before I go away this weekend.
I’m sure you are aware that we’ve done some great stuff recently with schoolgirl Justine from Norway!
Well, take a look below at the 4 most recent films.
The First 2 are from SpankedSchoolgirl (naturally since that’s what she is!)
The others are from SpankingOnline and SpankingDigital

Justine was a naughty girl to work with as you can see from these pics
Previously, you weren’t able to purchase a Pass to cover SpankedSchoolGirl as well as the regular 4 site SpankPass.
But the Xmas SuperPassOffer has changed all that, so Justine is available to view and download for holders of this Annual Superpass

6 Sites For a Year for just 99GBP

See Justine’s Galleries from Spankedschoolgirl below

click here

click here

This is her latest film, humiliated and stripped then forced to do a workout whilst being caned & spanked stood up!
Then some gratuitous bent over and exposed scenes to add to her shame! Click below – available at SpankingOnline

click here

Finally, I in case I forget, most of Justine’s films (even her latest one at SSG will now feature this) has HD scenes!
HD – yes (yawn) that’s High Definition, I know I harp on about it, but it is the dogs bollocks compared to other downloads.
So from SpankingDigital, Justine’s “Evaluation” below

click here

Lovely little filly, ain’t she? I imagine she’s snowed in already in Norway. Spanked to within an inch of her life by her Master! heh heh
Of course, if you had that Super 6 Site SpankPass then you could see ALL her stuff (and have time to peruse FetishFlixx as well)
Incidentally, I know that Justine subbed with with Simpson as the Domme, so that will probably appear soon on SpankMyBottom
(SpankMyBottom I hear you ask? Oh yes…that’s part of the 6 site SpankPass too – LOL!)

SuperPass SuperSchmass – it’s only 99 Quid for a year for goodness sake! Enjoy!!!
6 site spankpass here


OK, here’s a little something that caught my eye, I’ve been meaning to showcase this naughty site for a while!
Bun Beating Fun – hell, sure sounds like it.
Greg, the guiy that runs it sounds like he’s having a blast with the little fillies he gets in.
What makes me laugh is the fact I was in NJ this summer and can identify withthe motels etc…
That highway between Atlantic City and New Jersy/NY City is full of classic and tacky motels!
Some were so bad I couldn’t stay in em, LOL! However, I’d think twice if stuck with these girls!

click here

Anyway, latest upfates – here’s some pics of naughty Alicia, who gets a right seeing to for her cheek.
I love these glamour models he finds, gorgeous asses and bubble butts getting properly spanked!
Click on images to enlarge




Here’s a bonus of a girl I quite liked, check out her rounded cheeks, and she cries beautifully too!
Quite erotic really, I’d love to have her over my knee in a motel on the NJ Highway somewhere!
Kelly Devine, she’s pretty, but I bet she’s a right whore in bed, if you know what I mean! My fave type!  😉

Kelly Devine Click here for her bonus Clip


click here for more FREE clips


Wow, not bad eh?
There’s some good stuff on the FREE Tour pages updated but I intend to get a membership soon, I was well impressed.
OK, have a good weekend everyone, I’m offline for most of it so til next time, stay safe and happy Spanking!
Regards, Chief.

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