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Sex & Spanking with Cherry Poppins

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American Porn Actress, Cherry Poppins, with her chunky body and red hair has that girl next door quality I love.
Thankfully she’s not the type to get surgically enhanced or covered in tacky tatts ending up looking a right bimbo!
She is also incredibly dirty, and as I am a red blooded male, I admit that I have a few of her filthy porn movies stashed away!
So you can imagine my glee when I noticed that she had made a film for Far East Media
(Makers of sex and spanking.) I realise this won’t appeal to everyone, but to those it does…read on and enjoy!

click here to play the free clip

OK, yeah, she’ll get her bare arse slapped, groped and she’ll perform a great blow job
(I have a really mucky vid of her performing one of the hottest BJs ever!!!)
and she’ll get her pussy stretched with that lucky guy’s cock whilst he still gives her wobbling cheeks a slap, the smug b*stard! 😀

The Pics below (click to enlarge them) are from the movie, You’ll get the idea from the intro clip above what it’s about, eh?


Believe you me, it’s a naughty site and if you fancy seeing sex and spanking done well…then this is the site!
Far East Media – (God knows why it’s called that) Take the EXTENSIVE TOUR HERE

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